Millions in Chinese Chemical Shipments, Off-Shore Accounts, Donations To Clintons Tied To GOP Candidate

Andrew Gutmann, who is running for the GOP nomination in Florida’s 22nd District, has lots of anti-Trump and anti-America First political baggage that Republican primary voters should know about. 

By Jacob Engels

Before we expand upon the results of our investigation into the relationship between Andrew Gutmann’s business with the People’s Republic of China, off-shore tax havens, donations to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, along with how he has never ONCE voted for President Donald J. Trump, it’s important to note that all of these statements are rooted in empirical data and plain simple truths.

This is not a tin-foil hat conspiracy, but a decades-long history of anti-American First choices the candidate, who hopes to win the GOP nomination in President Trump’s home district in West Palm Beach in order to face longterm Democrat incumbent Lois Frankel.

The following questions serve as an indicator of how Republican voters should evaluate Andrew Gutmann. This comes from the person who successfully exposed a Chinese Communist Party tied member of the United States Congress from Florida the past half decade, who resigned from congress following our investigations.

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1). Would you vote for an alleged America First candidate who has made incredibly disparaging remarks about President Trump, before deleting those comments as he planned to run for office? 

While he was a writer for EconomicsFAQ, Gutmann lamented the idea of President Trump being elected in 2016, calling him a “simple-minded, volatile, and enormously unqualified man.

A quick note on the election of Donald Trump – EconomicsFAQ

He further went onto state that “we must fight the bigotry, racism, and exclusionary tendencies of Trump.”

He even touted his elite status in American society, to bash Trump. 

“Like many who live in one of the elitist bastions of the United States (New York City, in my case), I am disappointed and dismayed by the election of such a simple-minded, volatile and enormously unqualified man as president”

Does that sound like the words of a Republican primary voter hoping to represent the 45th President in his home district in West Palm Beach?

“Having not had time to explain my thoughts further and not wanting to get lumped in with Trump’s line of reasoning (or lack thereof), I pulled the post.

2). Would you vote for a candidate who is a registered agent and part of his family’s business that has spent over 18 years importing chemicals (and other goods from the People’s Republic of China), to the tune of tens of millions of pounds in product, when we know the Chinese Communist Party controls and approves every business deal?

Official shipping records confirm that Gutman’s family business, BassTech, received tens of millions of pounds of chemicals and other goods, sometimes from unlisted organizations, into ports all across the United States. BassTech, Gutmann’s family business where he currently is employed, has an entire China division, that manufactures chemicals in over 20 provinces across China.

Chinese Communist Party Cells in Private Companies – Sayarisayari.com › Blog Posts

What were these chemicals, what were they for, why did he do business with the Chinese Communist Party through his associates in the People’s Republic of China, which is required in the Communist regime? 

3). Would you vote for a candidate that donated money to a liberal congressional candidate who was an avowed supporter of socialist Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who was also a former research assistant for a member of the violent domestic terrorist organization known as the Black Panther Party, and never given to the Republican party or any GOP candidate? 

Even while at Cardozo Law School, where she studied under former Black Panther Kathleen Cleaver (Cleaver called Maron “an excellent research assistant”), Maron aspired to work as a public defender,” according to an article on the independent women’s forum. 

Many of us have come to support President Trump, but how many of us have donated money to an associate of the Black Panther Party, a violent domestic terrorist organization as recently as 2021?

4). Would you vote for a candidate who claims that they moved to West Palm Beach to specifically run against Democrat incumbent Congresswoman Lois Frankel, when their own family members have donated large sums to the very Democrat they are running against? 

Andrew Gutmann’s own family have donated to Democrat Lois Frankel in the past and continue to do so, according to Federal Elections Commission records.

If someone cannot even count on their own family to support them or refrain from donating to their opponent, what does that say?

Could the family be sitting on both sides of the fence, as they have seen their companies imports increase 3600% while Biden has been in the White House, rising from 100 tons under Trump to 4,000 tons under Biden.

5). Would you vote for a candidate whose family business has moved their assets first to a tax-haven outside of the United States, that is notorious for money laundering and corruption, before ultimately deciding to redirect their holdings and business filings to the People’s Republic of China? 

While shifting their companies assets out of the United States, Gutmann’s family business employed the Mossack Fonseca law firm, which was exposed in the Panama Papers for fraud, tax evasion, and avoiding international sanctions.


This included a network of 214,000 tax havens connected to wealthy individuals, public officials, and corporate organizations stretching across 200 countries.

The US Department of Justice, the United States Attorney, and the NY Southern District indicted four partners from Mr. Gutmann’s longtime law firm, which closed its doors officially in 2018.

Given the facts stated above about Andrew Gutmann, we all likely have more questions than answers when it comes to his qualifications, as not only the prospective nominee for the Republican Party, but also his trustworthiness if he were to become elected to the United States Congress.

Would he side with the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party to further his families business interests?

Would he be influenced by the radical Democrats his family and himself have spent years donating to, including Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and a radical activist with ties to the domestic terrorist organization known as the Black Panther Party?

He has not even participated in the political process according to records from the states of New Jersey and New York, which have no record of him being a registered voter. He also registered past the deadline in Florida several years ago, meaning he couldn’t have voted for Governor Ron DeSantis or President Trump.

With America on the brink of collapse, we are not certain that taking a chance on a questionable candidate like Andrew Gutmann is the reliable route to restore President Trump to the White House and truly Make America Great Again.


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit. 

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.