DeSantis Wants To Repeal Pro-Illegal Immigrant Law Pushed By Daniel Davis

At a recent press conference in Jacksonville, Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted his hopes for the 2023 legislative session, including the repeal of a 2014 pro-illegal immigrant law voted for by then State Representative Daniel Davis who is currently running for Mayor of Jacksonville. 

By Jacob Engels

Back in 2014, feckless Republicans in the Florida legislature approved a bill to allow illegal immigrants the privilege of in-state college tuition and Florida drivers licenses. If the past few years have taught Americans and Floridians anything about giving illegal immigrants access to our state and nation, then this law of appeasement should absolutely be revoked. 

Carnage, drugs, depravity. 

Wisely, Governor DeSantis wants to revoke and repeal these laws so that we do not encourage the influx of illegal immigrants and their children into the state of Florida. 

But Daniel Davis, the CEO of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, who was in the Florida House of Representatives at the time of the bill’s passage, had no problem with giving illegal immigrants privileges that equated them to American citizens and other immigrants who respected our laws to earn their rights.  

Interestingly enough, Davis has run ads accusing one of his opponents of being in favor of illegal immigrants, despite Governor DeSantis wanting to overturn the very legislation he cast a vote in support of during his time as a State Representative. 

DeSantis recently stated in the WSJ that “old-guard corporate Republicanism isn’t up to the task at hand,” according to Matt Dixon with Politico. That could easily be seen as a direct attack on candidates like Daniel Davis, who helped passed the very pro-illegal immigrant law that Governor DeSantis wants removed.

Career Politician Davis Wanted Tax Increases, Cut Police Budget, Dreamed of Becoming Mayor

Moreover, Davis also supported a near $1billion tax hike on Jacksonville residents with a 2021 gas tax referendum, which he called a “huge victory” for the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce he leads in an email on May 26th, 2021, which you can read below. 

Jacksonville City Councilwoman LeAnna Cumber voted against the 2021 gas tax referendum and Governor Ron DeSantis recently pushed through a gas tax holiday for all Floridians.

Cumber was the only candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville to appear at Governor Ron DeSantis’ homecoming book tour for his new tome “The Courage to Be Free”, which is already an Amazon bestseller.

The Central Florida Post has previously reported on how Davis supported the LGBT grooming non-profit Jasmyn, which held after-hours gatherings for minors promoting a “penis game” and talking about how to finger a transgender woman. 

Voters head to the polls on March 21st to vote for the next Mayor of Jacksonville. 

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit.

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.