Mayoral Candidate & JaxChamber Still Silent Over LGBT Group’s “Penis Game”

Daniel Davis, a candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville in the upcoming March elections, is the CEO of the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors LGBT youth outreach group Jasmyn, which recently got caught sexualizing children and had their contract with Duval County Public Schools terminated. 

By Jacob Engels

In early December, the Florida Standard published a story about Northeast Florida’s leading LGBT youth outreach organization (Jasmyn), promoted hyper-sexualized events to children as young as thirteen years old, including a “Penis Game” that featured an array of  dildos arranged in the shape of a heart.

They also have spent the past several years disseminating their perverted beliefs to the area youth regarding “how sex is more than penetration”, promoting the ideas of bondage, strap-on-sex, fisting, face-sitting, using a buttplug, and the act of “muffing” which is a term used to describe fingering transwomen.

Other posts on Jasmyn’s Instagram account showcase their “dance classes” open to underage children as young as thirteen, featuring scantily clad adults gyrating and thrusting upon one another in front of young impressionable minds, which they call SaturGayz.

“In a video post from November 19, men and women at JASMYN take turns speaking to the camera, encouraging those watching to come join the party.

“Got a little beer pong going on, okay, get your balls wet,” the person holding the camera says and laughs. “Hope y’all come in!”

One TikTok video shows a woman dancing provocatively while holding a dildo. The woman also spins a wheel with different options, including some that appear to read “five names for penis,” “five names for vagina,” and “five names for sex.”

Following the Florida Standard’s report on the activities of Jasmyn, they claimed in an online statement that these events, including the “SaturGayz” gathering that they regularly promote, were only for those “18”+. However Google search results revealed that they were openly inviting those as young as thirteen years old to talk about the five names for penis, sexual lubricant, five names for vagina, and sex toys.

This prompted SOME local media coverage of Jasmyn’s efforts to sexualize underage minors, leading to the Duval County Public School system to terminate their relationship with the LGBT organization, which had netted hundreds of thousands of dollars in local and federal taxpayer funds for Jasmyn in just the past couple of years.

Concerned parents expressed their disgust and horror over the Duval County Public Schools partnership with Jasmyn, who had access to their institutions unchecked.

According to Eyes on My City Jacksonville, Jasmyn was actively training teachers and advising DCPS on strategy and promotion.

Schools drop contract with controversial sex-oriented organization

“The school system has paid $180,000 to JASMYN over the last three years via a Division of Adolescent Sexual Health grant.

JASMYN also has been named on the school district’s LGBTQ+ Support Guide as a local resource for students.

The $45,000 contract with the school district that was just terminated called for JASMYN to collaborate with a committee to guide “strategies, promotion, implementation and evaluation” of “student health” projects. 

It also called for the group to assist with training teachers and conduct at least one training through the Parent Academies on LGBTQ topics. It began Aug. 1 and would have run until the end of June 2023.”

So, how does the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce and Mayor of Jacksonville candidate Daniel Davis factor in to Jasmyn’s open access to school aged minors in Duval County and the City of Jacksonville?

The Central Florida Post has obtained promotional material from Jasmyn stating that the JaxChamber was a sponsor of the non-profit, along with a host of other national, statewide, and local business organizations, non-profits, and family foundations.

JaxChamber is currently led by Daniel Davis, a leading Republican candidate for Mayor of Jacksonville. JaxChamber receives nearly $750,000 annually in grants or government funds to promote job creation or economic growth.

Davis has positioned himself as the hardline Christian, conservative, family man who deserves the right to lead the Bold City into the future. But why has he not commented publicly on his organization’s support of Jasmyn in the past, or more importantly, their efforts to sexualize children that were exposed by the Florida Standard last December?

How much money has Davis directed the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce to siphon off to Jasmyn during his tenure? What kind of oversight is in place within the JaxChamber under his leadership to actively review, monitor, and investigate recipients of said funds?

The lack of direct condemnation from Davis and the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce paint a concerning picture of how he would handle taxpayer funds if elected Mayor of Jacksonville.

Duval Moms for Liberty told the Central Florida Post that they remain focused on local school board races, but said that all elected leaders or those seeking office need to address the concern many parents have when it comes to the sexualization of children.

“Every candidate for political office should make it clear where they stand. This is about stopping the sexualization of our children.” 

Efforts to reach Mr. Davis regarding how he has remained silent about supporting Jasmyn’s sexualization of children on the dime of taxpayers, corporate donations, or support from the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce (which he leads) have gone unanswered.

Over the past several years, LGBT groups and activists have launched a nationwide campaign to push overtly adult or fringe sexual behaviors into the minds of underage minors, Duval County and the City of Jacksonville which resides within the county being no exception.

This journalist exposed how the Orange County Public Schools system allowed the filthy pornographic novel “Gender Queer” to be provided to minors. 

VIDEO: Journalist Reads Filthy Porn Book from School’s Library at FL School Board Meeting – Board Members Call Police to Have Him Forcefully Removed for Reading Obscene Content Aloud

County Citizens Defending Freedom’s (CCDF-USA) Duval County Chapter recently attended a candidate forum where Davis appeared, where they asked him about JaxChamber’s support for Jasmyn and why neither his campaign or the chamber had denounced the LGBT non-profits sexualization of children. A video obtained by the Central Florida Post shows Davis dancing around the question, while also admitting that he sponsors Jasmyn through the Chamber of Commerce.

As for the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, led by Daniel Davis, they have followed Davis’ lead and also refused to denounce the sexualization of children by Jasmyn or explain their financial and community support for the organization.

Elon Gerberg, who founded Florida Fathers for Freedom, a parental rights activist group that garnered national attention last December protesting grotesque drag queen Christmas shows geared towards children, slammed Davis for his involvement with Jasmyn.

“We have to hold these politicians, elected officials, and candidates for public office accountable for their attacks on parental rights and the sexualization of our children. For Daniel Davis to fund groups like Jasmyn that have been caught promoting after hours gatherings to 13 year olds where they talk about sex toys, sexual positions, genitalia, and other abhorrent grooming activities should be cause of concern for anyone within the City of Jacksonville as they cast their vote in March,” Gerberg told the Central Florida Post.

Allies of Davis, who have donated massive sums to his mayoral bid, would not discuss the matter with this journalist.

This is an ongoing story and we will update you as it evolves.

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit.

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.