Homeowners In Florida Plagued By Skyrocketing Insurance Rates

    Exploiting the insurance system in Florida should demand attention from Governor Ron DeSantis, the Florida House and Senate. 

    By Maurice Langston

    Some legislative reforms are urgently needed to protect Florida homeowners from skyrocketing insurance rates.

    Many in our state are receiving notices that their already high property insurance rates are increasing yet again. Even worse, many others are told that their insurance coverage is being cancelled.

    Lawsuit abuse is a significant cost driver in Florida’s property insurance market. Exploitation of the system by some bad actors is hurting all Floridians and we are seeing this now in the form of higher insurance costs and less choice in the marketplace.

    During this upcoming Special Session, our lawmakers need to pass some meaningful lawsuit abuse reforms to help alleviate some of the key pressure points in the insurance marketplace and ultimately lower costs for consumers.

    Our lawmakers need to hear the concerns of Florida property owners, recognize the dire situation in the marketplace, and take action now to protect consumers.

    Maurice Langston is the Chairman for the Florida Council of Safe Communities.