Democrat Failed Qualifying & Lied About Degrees, Orlando Sentinel Knew About It

Karen Green, who continues to lie about her Cornell degree, had a check bounce to the Florida Division of Election. The Orlando Sentinel, who endorsed her, has hidden this fact and failed to investigate her claims of college degrees or other certifications. 

By Jacob Engels

According to Federal Elections Commission reports, Karen Green cut a check for $10,440.00 to qualify in the Democratic primary for Florida’s 7th congressional district.

However, an investigation by the Central Florida Post has found that the initial filing fee check bounced. Candidates can qualify by gathering petitions or by providing funds that represent a percentage of what they would earn if elected, which is known as a qualifying fee.

Green states on her federal elections reports that she has no discernible income and claims unemployment from the state of Florida and Social Security.

How she was able to loan her campaign over $12,000 still remains a mystery.

Karen Green Financial Disclosure by Jacob Engels on Scribd

Under Florida law, candidates have 48-hours to provide another form of payment if the first check does not go through. Mark Ard, with the Florida Department of State, claims that Green’s check was rejected on June 29th, and that she provided a new check on July 1st, once she was informed.

The Florida Department of State, which oversees the Division of Elections, confirmed that Green’s first check did not clear. However, repeated requests for comment requesting the reasoning of why the Division of Elections did not immediately inform Green of the bounced check, or if any complaints had been made relating Green, went unanswered.

Ard, a spokesman of the Florida Division of Elections, maintains that Green’s check was flagged on June 29th and that everything was fulfilled. State records show that the initial check was submitted on June 17th.

FEC records show that Green issued the check on June 7th. The numbers don’t add up.

Under Governor Ron DeSantis, elections in Florida have been secured and monitored with his newly created Office of Election Crimes and Security, leading to a flurry of arrests.

This office is under the purview of the Department of State, which openly acknowledges that a candidate who couldn’t pay their filing fee should not have qualified as a candidate. 

And the “paper of record” known as the Orlando Sentinel, knew about this issue as early as July of 2022, according to emails obtained by the Central Florida Post between longtime progressive activist Al Krulick, who ran against Green during the primary elections.

For example, Green’s Honorary Doctorate from the International University of Canada in 2014, is in fact a purchased diploma mill degree, according to Krulick.

“To receive an honorary doctorate from CICA, all any person needs to do is be “recommended” by someone known to its management, apply for the “degree,” and then make a donation to the organization. CICA does not require the candidate to produce any previous academic transcripts or participate in any academic exams. There is no testing, no vetting, and no verification of submitted qualifications. In other words, the “degree” is completely bogus and not worth the paper it’s written on. Pretty much anyone can buy one,” Krulick stated in a July campaign press release provided to the Orlando Sentinel. 

Green also claimed degrees from universities in her native Jamaica, the West Indies, and even London. In each instance she inflated her academic credentials, having not finished the degree levels she claimed or not at all.

She also claimed that the “ghost” of Black Nationalist leader Marcus Garvey “was inside her” and that Governor Ron Desantis wants “blacks in bondage.”

CD7 Democrat Candidate Thinks Ghost of Black Nationalist Leader Lives “Inside Her”

Two weeks later, Krulick was informed by Seminole County Democratic Executive Committee Chairwoman Lynn Dictor that the party “does not intervene” after he presented them with the discrepancies as it related to Green’s academic resume.

She later communicated to him after speaking to Florida Democratic Party leaders, where Green serves as Vice Chair, that it isn’t the business of the party to vet candidates.

However, the governing rules of the SemDems state that a candidate is expected “present their credentials and history accurately” when signing the candidate pledge, which Green did in fact sign. Despite inquiries from Florida Politics, the Orlando Sentinel, and the Central Florida Post, Karen Green has failed to provide transcripts, diplomas, or any evidence of her academic exploits.

It’s clear she did not present her credentials and history accurately. 

Members of the editorial board of the Orlando Sentinel, who enthusiastically endorsed Green just over a week ago, said that their “concerns” about her candidacy were resolved. The OS didn’t provide context or source information about their “concerns” being resolved.

Just this year, OS patted themselves on the back for holding candidates and elected officials accountable through their investigative work.

We have the email records of them being informed of the fraud, which they can readily deny and be embarrassed, IF they want to try. Steve Lemongello, Jay Reddick, Scott Maxwell, Krys Fluker, and Editor-in-Chief of the Orlando Sentinel Julie Anderson all knew about it. 

They still lied to you in their endorsement of Greene, with millions of dollars behind their back in corporate money.

The Orlando Sentinel was contacted by this journalist about Green’s failure to qualify and the fact that they did not verify her educational background. Green has nearly a half-dozen diploma mill degrees.

No journalist, or member of the Orlando Sentinel Editorial Board responded to our requests. 

Cornell has no record of her attending or graduating, as evidenced by their comment to Florida Politics this summer. Efforts by this publication to confirm Green’s postgraduate degree were forwarded to the college’s media relations department. Further contact has been unresponsive.

Al Krulick, who ran against Green in the Democratic primary this past summer, told us that he brought these concerns to journalists at the Orlando Sentinel, as well as officials with the local and statewide Democrat party.

They did nothing, except tell you that Karen Green, the phony reverend and fake doctor was up to snuff. Maybe the ghost of Marcus Garvey possessed them too. 

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit.

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.