Follow The Money To Identify Voter Fraud In Florida

While Florida appears to have risen to the top of the sludge of states – it’s still sludge, and Florida isn’t immune. As a Florida voter, having spent a lifetime working on national and local political campaigns, I’m compelled to ask the burning questions all Florida voters should be asking… does my vote really count?

By Roger Stone

The 2020 Election year will go down in history as the most controversial and contested election year in the entire history of our nation. According to a recent poll conducted on July 5, 2022 by Rasmussen Reports and The National Pulse, 50% of US Likely Voters “fear the upcoming midterm elections could be tainted by cheating.”

Our nation is painfully divided. Yet, instead of conscientiously addressing the issues raised by their constituents, government officials in all branches appeared to join in a concerted effort with the media and billionaire donors to silence the outcry, ridicule the allegations, and label hard- working patriots as conspiracy theorists.

It’s not a conspiracy theory when it’s proven to be true – and in this situation, it has been proven – many times over.

While Florida appears to have risen to the top of the sludge of states – it’s still sludge, and
Florida isn’t immune. As a Florida voter, having spent a lifetime working on national and local political campaigns, I’m compelled to ask the burning questions all Florida voters should be asking:

Does my vote really count?

● Is election/voter fraud an issue in Florida?

● Is vote-by-mail vulnerable to voter fraud abuses?

● Why have criminal charges not been filed against offset printers and mail
forwarding businesses for violations of FS 101.62(4)(c)(1)?

● Are campaign finance violations rampant in Florida?

● Are the Secretary of State, Division of Elections, and Supervisors of Elections
really doing everything possible to ensure free, fair, and legitimate elections for all US citizens?

Are they doing an effective job of maintaining clean voter rolls? Are they doing an effective job of ensuring only legitimate votes are being counted?

● Why is Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody not taking swift, definitive actions to investigate egregious evidence presented to her office, and to prosecute election/voter fraud and campaign finance violations?

Why does the Florida Voter Crimes Division not go into effect until 2023? What
happens for 2022 midterm elections – do criminals get a free pass?

“The County Supervisor of Elections has the sole authority to register and remove voters” 2 and Florida Division of Elections (FDoE), operating under the Florida Department of State (FDoS), is responsible for voter registration in Florida; yet, there are gaping holes in the system.

Here are just a few examples of flaws embedded in our election and voter registration

DHSMV Registering People to Vote Who Are Ineligible

● No verification of voter registration status when registering at the DHSMV

● Presumptions made at multiple steps

o Presumptive that DHSMV customer agrees to submit information for voter
registration purposes

o Presumptive that customer provides accurate information on DHSMV form

o Presumptive that customer is not already registered to vote

Errors on Voter Registration Forms

● Data input errors on FDLIS form could create duplicate registration record

● Misspelling could cause someone to have to vote a provisional ballot due to no record

● Voiding, canceling, interrupting a driver license/ID card transaction cancels voter
registration; failure to re-enter voter registration means no voter registration information
is captured or transmitted

Illegal Vote-By-Mail (VBM) Ballot Envelopes

● Pursuant to FS 101.6103(1), 5 ballots shall be placed in an envelope which is prominently
marked “Do Not Forward” (see Figures 1, 2)


● In clear violation of FS 101.6103(1), 6 vendors contracted by Florida counties – paid with
taxpayer dollars – printed illegal VBM ballot envelopes NOT marked “Do Not Forward,”
that were sent to a Florida registered voter for the Aug. 18, 2020 Primary Election and
the Nov. 3, 2020 General Election (see Figures 3a, 3b).

As of 07/28/2022 the Orange County Supervisor of Elections is sending out the latest batch of vote by mail ballots using the vendor Fidlar Elections aka Cathedral Corporation. These vote by mail ballot envelopes being sent out for the Florida primary election yet again are in clear violation of FS 101.6103(1) (see Figures 4a, 4b)

How is it possible that the Orange County Supervisor of Elections is not aware that the
envelopes for the vote by mail ballots are breaking the law?

● How is it possible that Fidlar aka Cathedral Corporation is not aware that they are
violating Florida election laws by sending out ballots in envelopes that do not have “Do
Not Forward” on them? Is this happening in all 42 Florida counties that they serve?

● According to a recent public records request sent to the Orange County Supervisor of
Elections Fidlar Elections aka Cathedral Corporation is currently providing Vote By Mail
Printing, Mailing, Tracking and Tracing services. They are also the same vendor that
provided these same services for the 2020 election.

As you can clearly see above the vote by mail ballot envelopes do not have “Do Not Forward” written anywhere on the envelope.

Why is it so important to have “Do Not Forward” on the envelope?

  • Ballot Forwarding Violations by Mail Forwarding Services
  • Pursuant to F.S. 101.62(4)(c)(1)8, and reiterated by multiple County Supervisors of Elections, VBM ballots must not be forwarded in the State of Florida.7 

  • Mail forwarding services throughout the state have violated the spirit and intent of        F.S. 101.6103(1) and F.S. 101.62(4)(c)(1)9,10 by forwarding VBM ballots to their traveling customers. 

Escapees RV Club boasts that they are one of the largest RV membership organizations in the world, and they provide a total support network, including mail forwarding, for all RVers.

Good Sam Mail Service, 5753 Hwy 85N in Crestview, Florida, is four miles from the SoE office.  Documents obtained via FOIA requests revealed 3,501 registrations using this service as their mailing address – of which 2,410 votes were cast – representing a 69% turnout of motor-voters – including 2,152 mail-in ballotsFraud in plain sight, under the nose of SoE.

Additional FOIA request responses from various counties uncovered 580,422 out-of-state mailing addresses on the Florida voter rolls.  When you include Florida mailing addresses that are different from the residential addresses, that number rapidly rises to approximately 1,200,000 voter registrations that are at high risk for ballot manipulations and voter fraud.

And it doesn’t end there…

The companies with whom our counties have contracted to print, track, and trace Florida citizens’ voter ballots are enmeshed with government officials, who refuse to uphold their oath of office to secure our elections, protect our votes, and exercise prudent fiduciary responsibility for managing our tax dollars.

These vendors are highly suspect; and government officials refuse to respond to repeated inquiries, such as why a NY-based company with deep ties to Democratic campaign contributions is being paid with taxpayer dollars to fully control the printing and distribution of Florida ballots.

What are they hiding? 

Fidlar Election (see Figure 5), located at 1500 Tradeport Drive, Suite B, Orlando, FL, 32824 serves 42 of Florida’s 67 counties.  They flaunt 168 years of service and 414 million ballots printed.

When contacted and asked about their services, a Fidlar representative, self-identified as Isaac Knight, refused to answer any questions and became highly agitated when pressed for information as to which counties in Florida Fidlar served.  He replied that, as a private company, they had no duty to disclose any information to Florida voters who wanted to know about ballot printing, mailing, tracking, and tracing.  

Apparently, Mr. Knight is unaware of the recent precedent set by the Arizona Superior Court and confirmed by their Court of Appeals regarding disclosure of information held by county and state contractors.

And why wouldn’t a reputable business lunge at the opportunity to brag about its services to an inquiring caller?  A bit odd, don’t you think?

Well, not so much of a mystery here…  

Fidlar’s parent company is Cathedral Corporation, based in Rome, New York, whose CEO/Chairman is Marianne Gaige (see Figure 6).

Although conveniently not listed on Cathedral’s Corporate Responsibility page under “Philanthropy,” Federal Election Commission (FEC) records indicate that Marianne Gaige has been an active monthly donor for more than 20 years to ActBlue, Obama for America, Obama Victory Fund, BluePac, Biden for President, Biden Victory Fund, numerous Democratic candidates and partisan causes, and Democratic Action – a partisan PAC, located at the same address as The Democratic Governors Association (DGA).

Where Have All the Ethics Gone?

Are Florida citizens to believe that Florida Election Ballots are being printed, mailed, tracked, and traced by a company with no political agenda or potential outcomes in mind?  Seriously??

The salt in the wounds is that this is being done in the faces of Floridians, and using our hard-earned money and tax dollars to do it.

Patriots Holding the Line

Concerned citizens across the country have united and are doing what our elected officials have been failing to do – analyzing official data, investigating anomalies, identifying frauds and fraud risks, reporting the findings of criminal activities, and trying to save our counties, states, and country from enemies foreign and domestic, who seek to destroy it.

In the 2020 election, Wakulla County official results show 4,103 more votes cast than there are registered votersHow is that not a problem?  It’s not rocket science.

  • Against what are they validating the voter rolls?
  • Are they using data from other agencies’ databases?  
  • Are they relying on ERIC? 
  • Are there any safeguards in place to prevent election/voter fraud in Florida?

What’s it going to take?

What’s it gonna take to right these wrongs?  Is there not one ounce of integrity or conscience left in any branch of our government?  Has everyone completely lost their moral compass and sold their souls for wealth, power, and personal gain?

Five Senate Judiciary Hearings with experts and poll workers presenting more than 40 solid hours of fact-based evidence, backed by sworn affidavits wasn’t enough?  Authorized surveillance video, capturing after-hours fraudulent acts in voting centers by poll workers and supervisors.  Bags of U.S. Mail containing discarded ballots.  Sworn confessions by whistleblowers involved in the crimes.  An in-depth, eye-opening full forensic audit that uncovered a mountain of evidence of fraud.  A full-length documentary, 2000 Mules, depicting ballot trafficking on the government’s own surveillance cameras, and using the same GPS tracking methodology that’s been used by the FBI to track down and capture criminals.  

What’s it going take to find at least one elected official with enough fortitude and backbone to step up and to stop leaving his or her constituents pushing a wet noodle with their efforts?  

This is our beloved country, but this isn’t our job.  It’s the job of those elected – or as it seems – selected.

It’s clear to many that if you’re not fighting for good, then you’re either siding with evil, complicit, and/or compromised.  Either way, the veil has been lifted, the people know, and God’s Light will always shine and remove the darkness.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Isn’t it reasonable to expect the Division of Elections, which maintains the Florida Voter Database, to validate the data contained on the Florida Voter Rolls and clean it up?  After all, it’s in their job description.  However, if they allegedly are already doing this, then, clearly, there are flaws in the process and it needs a complete overhaul.  

Again… their job.

Governor Ron DeSantis is loved by many, and is hated by many – all for the same reasons.  Despite the differing opinions, one thing is for sure – he has done a lot of good for our state, and his actions have buffered the tremendous impact of the attacks on our families, food, and finances.  But it’s time for Governor DeSantis to step up his game and ask the same questions of Attorney General Ashley Moody that his constituents are asking, and then to take the necessary actions as are required of him when an official isn’t fulfilling his or her oath of office, is disenfranchising the citizens of Florida, and is putting Florida’s security at risk.

The Florida Attorney General is the chief legal officer of the state and is head of the Florida Department of Legal Affairs.  

Ashley Moody’s office and Ron DeSantis’ office were presented with the largest case of campaign finance violations in the history of Florida.  The evidence of these criminal actions and the scope of the campaign finance violations were staggering.  Yet, the individuals and organizations responsible for perpetrating these unconscionable crimes against the people of Florida have yet to be charged.  

Why do Secretary of State Cord Byrd and Attorney General Ashley Moody both seem to be looking the other way?  The evidence is blinding!

Ashley Moody’s constituents are calling her to the carpet on this because we’ve had enough of the smoke and mirrors.  Showing up to make public announcements regarding whatever buzzword committee she’s put together this week to quell the uprising, but then not following through, isn’t gonna it anymore.

Floridians demand that she act in the capacity commensurate with the oath she has taken as chief legal officer of the state.  We’re not interested in getting phone calls from her field agents to ward off mean tweets.  We don’t want to see her showing up for the sound bites on the 6:00 news.  We want her to take quick and decisive action to rid our beautiful state of the criminal elements that pervade it.  We want to see indictments for election fraud and campaign finance violations, we want thorough investigations performed, and we want swift and uncompromising justice to be served.

In another words – it’s time for Ashley Moody to stop jerking around her constituents, and to do job – NOW – or just resign.  Plain and simple.  It should be easy enough for her to take action, since the patriots in our state have already done most of the leg work and heavy lifting for her.


Roger Stone is a political strategist and pundit and a long-time political advisor and friend of President Donald Trump. Stone was a victim of the Mueller witch-hunt and was charged with lying to Congress in order to pressure him into testifying against the President. Stone refused. After Stone’s trial was corrupted by a biased Judge, a corrupt Jury Forewoman and a stacked jury and prosecutors sought to incarcerate Stone in a Covid 19 infested prison in violation of all current legal precedents, DOJ policy, and without regard to Stone’s health or age, President Donald Trump pardoned Roger Stone on December 23, 2020. On November 3, 2020, at midnight (!) the US Justice Department by court order released the long-hidden sections of the Mueller Report in which the Special Counsel admitted that his office with its unlimited legal authority and unlimited budget had found ” no factual evidence” to tie Roger Stone to Russsian Collusion, Wikileaks collaboration or the alleged theft of John Podesta’s e-mail. Stone is a New York Times Bestselling author and has returned to political commentary at