Anna Paulina Luna Has Decades Long History of Abusing Court Issued Protective Orders

In early 2020, Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), echoed near exact claims she has made about her political opponents and other women interested in her on/off again husband Andy Gamberzky over the years. 

By Jacob Engels

Anna Paulina Luna, whose real last name is Mayerhofer, has a clear and documented history of telling tall tales or just flat out lying. She has even gone as far as to claim the longtime Trump confidante and advisor Roger Stone, who first encouraged Donald Trump to run for President of the United States in the 1980’s, tried to poison her. 

The Central Florida Post has previously reported about the controversy regarding Luna’s claimed military combat service. Although she would storm to victory by using an image of herself wearing US Marine Corps fatigues and brandishing military grade weapons, when she in fact was never deployed outside the United States and was never in combat in her brief 17 months in the US Air Force.

Under a Florida state law sponsored by representative Anthony Sabatini it is specifically a felony to utilize false claims of military combat duty in order to raise money, a law Luna likely violated in 2020.

For months, we have been exposing Anna Paulina Luna’s (real legal last name Mayerhofer’s) dishonesty, which she has not liked. In December of last year, we confronted her on camera about her past work as a stripper in a seedy North Florida gentlemen’s club when she was in the Air Force, demanded to know why she listed herself as Caucasian on her voter registration while claiming to be Hispanic, and her campaign messaging which consistently frames her as a combat veteran (she never left the Air Force base in North Florida where she was stationed).

During our investigation into Anna Mayerhofer, we have discovered that she has used the court systems in California, Florida, and Utah to request frivolous protective orders or stalking injunctions under false pretenses as a way to seek revenge against her personal and political enemies.

In 2006, while Anna Mayerhofer was in high school, she filed a request for a protective order against a classmate Taylor Lyons, who Mayerhofer claimed had been physical with her on numerous occasions, where Lyons and her friends threatened to “beat her ass”, called her a “bitch”, and had run ins with Mayerhofer on a handful of occasions. Her initial protective order was granted, yet Mayerhofer, who claimed to have filed police reports regarding the incident and was in her own words still “in fear for her life”, failed to show at an evidentiary hearing that Mayerhofer requested in order to extend the temporary protective order. As such, the case was dropped along with the protective order.


Why would Mayerhofer fail to show up to an evidentiary hearing to extend a protective order against an individual she claimed had harmed her and promised to harm her again? Did she fail to show up because she knew that the individuals she had accused to get the initial protective order could provide evidence that Mayerhofer was indeed lying from the beginning?

This was the first time Mayerhofer utilized requests for protective orders, which are usually reserved for those facing legitimate domestic abuse or stalking issues, but it was not Mayerhofer’s last time abusing the courts like this. It is important to know that most, if not all courts, will grant a temporary restraining or protective order for those who file with the court. Extensions of these orders rely on evidentiary hearings where the respondent can present their narrative in response to the person claiming to be victimized.

In 2013, Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), made nearly exact and similar claims against another female who had been in a relationship with her ex-husband (and current husband), who Mayerhofer was then re-engaged to. Mayerhofer has claimed on the campaign trail that the two have been married for 11 consecutive years, which is false according to dissolution of marriage documents the Central Florida Post uncovered that were filed with the Superior Court of Orange County in California.

North Florida APL 1 by Jacob Engels on Scribd

According to court documents where Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), she claimed that her ex-husband and then fiance’s ex-girlfriend had stalked, gotten physical, or threatened Mayerhofer on numerous occasions in 2013. Mayerhofer claimed, just as she did in the 2006 stalking case in California, that her fiance’s ex girlfriend said she wanted to harm her or beat her up, and that Mayerhofer was in fear for her life and physical safety. This is the same exact narrative that Mayerhofer attested to in a sworn statement before a California court in 2006, where she also understood that lying in a sworn statement was itself a criminal act.

Mayerhofer was granted a temporary restraining order based solely on her statements. Following the court granting the temporary restraining order, Mayerhofer began work at the Red Rose Gentlemen’s Club, where witness statements in response to a 911 call to local police referred to her role at the club as a “dancer.” At the time, Mayerhofer was enlisted in the United States Air Force and the Red Rose Gentlemen’s Club was on the “DO NOT GO” list for active duty members of the Air Force.

Luna Stripper Document (POL… by Jacob Engels


Ms. Mayerhofer claimed to law enforcement that her husband’s ex-girlfriend knowingly violated the temporary restraining order from the court by showing up to her workplace, the Red Rose Gentlemen’s Club where she was working as a dancer. However, an investigation by law enforcement determined that Mayerhofer had not listed the strip club as a place of employment, therefore her then fiance’s ex-girlfriend would have had no idea that she needed to avoid that location in order to remain in compliance with the temporary restraining order.

The State Attorney’s office for the 1st Judicial Circuit Court in North Florida investigated Mayerhofer’s claims and determined them to be unfounded, declining to charge Mayerhofer’s then fiance’s ex girlfriend for violating the temporary restraining order. This marks the second time Ms. Mayerhofer abused the court issued protective or restraining orders in her life, but it would not be the last.

In 2021, she claimed that a cabal of current, former, and potential political candidates in the GOP primary where she was seeking the nomination for a second time for United States Congress, were plotting an assasination attempt against her and that she was in fear for her life and physical safety. She was again issued temporary restraining orders. Several months ago Mayerhofer pushed the court to extend these from temporary orders to permanent orders and a trial began. The judge ultimately ruled against Mayerhofer, who appeared frazzled and unable to make a coherent case in court hearings held over Zoom.

But during her first run for United States Congress in 2020, Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), again tried to use the court systems through requesting temporary protective or stalking orders against her very own Uncle, Edward Mayerhofer of Cedar City, Utah. The Central Florida Post traveled to Utah last month to investigate this matter and speak with family members of Anna, including her Uncle Edward.

Several weeks ago, with notarized permission from Edward Mayerhofer and approval from the Utah courts, the Central Florida Post obtained all the documents related to the protective order requested by Anna Mayerhofer in 2020 against her Uncle.

Anna claimed in official statements to the court that she feared her Uncle was going to harm her and that he was harassing or stalking her on social media. During this time period, according to Anna Mayerhofer, her Uncle was rebutting public claims she had made about her alleged Hispanic heritage, upbringing, and real last name through posting comments on his social media accounts where he would tag Anna Mayerhofer’s public profiles on numerous digital media platforms. Ms. Mayerhofer also claimed that he was emailing news outlets and her employer, which was Turning Point USA at the time, threatening to “expose her.”

In initial court filings, Anna Mayerhofer claimed that her Uncle Edward had a history of drug abuse, violence, run-ins with family members and that she had never enjoyed a close or positive relationship with her Uncle at all her entire life. She was granted a temporary stalking injunction by the courts. However, her Uncle Edward Mayerhofer contested the charges and called for an evidentiary hearing, which the judge granted. Anna tried to request a virtual evidentiary hearing, claiming she couldn’t leave her busy congressional campaign, but was denied by the judge who demanded she attend the hearings in person.

Anna Mayerhofer even stated that her Uncle Edward calling her out for claiming Hispanic heritage was a form of a “racial identity crisis” and an example of her Uncle’s fixation on race and belief in “white supremacist ideals.”

Anna enlisted her husband Andy Gamberzky, her father George Mayerhofer (Uncle’s brother), and her mother Monica Barajas as witness to back up her claims. They all painted the exact same picture of Edward Mayerhofer, including shocking claims that he once drunkenly pulled a .44 magnum on Anna’s father at their family home in 2009.

However, Anna’s cousin Nicole Mayerhofer, her Uncle Edward, and her Uncle’s wife rebutted those claims at the hearing, which is where we can begin to unpack a series of outright lies told by Anna and her witnesses.

In closing statements to the court, Edward Mayerhofer’s attorney’s laid out a series of facts that directly rebuffed every claim made by Anna.

APL Uncle Refutes Anna’… by Jacob Engels


This revealed that Anna was in fact close with her Uncle Edward and his daughter Nicole when she was growing up in California, so close that her Uncle would often get Anna identical gifts that he gave to his own daughter, took her on family trips, and hosted her during holidays. It also revealed that Anna’s parents were both absent often during her upbringing and that her Uncle Edward, or other family members like her Grandparents, were often left caring for Anna.

While Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), had claimed that her family had cut off contact with her Uncle because of repeated abusive behavior over the years, her Uncle Edward revealed that he was the one cut off by Anna, her mother, and his own brother after he confronted Anna’s father about the fact that Anna was skipping school, doing drugs, drinking alcohol during her high school years. The Central Florida Post has obtained photos from Anna Mayerhofer’s now deleted Myspace page that show her consuming alcohol in a motor vehicle, smoking a glass pipe similar to those used for marijuana or other narcotics like crack-cocaine or methamphetamine, Mayerhofer passed out at what appears to be a party, and of Mayerhofer kissing a female friends.

Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), drinking in a motor vehicle, despite claiming in 2020 that she saved her family from drugs and drink.
Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer) smoking a drug pipe, contents of said pipe unknown.

Anna’s Uncle also contested her claims that she was 50% Hispanic, while also addressing the fact that Anna Mayerhofer claimed her great Grandfather was killed by outlaw Pancho Villa, which Edward Mayerhofer claims is impossible since Anna’s great Grandfather was killed 15 years after the death of Pancho Villa by a family member in a land dispute. Edward Mayerhofer is unclear as to why Anna would tell such a story or where she got the idea to make up such a tall tale.

According to court transcripts and testimony from individuals in the room during the stalking injunction hearing, Anna Paulina Luna’s mother testified under oath that “Luna” was her grandmother’s maiden name. However, when Anna Mayerhofer took the stand, she was asked if “Luna” was a family name or that of her grandmother or her current legal name, which Anna Mayerhofer declined to answer in the affirmative.

Anna Mayerhofer also claimed that she had not seen her Uncle in fifteen years, but also previously claimed along with her Mother and Father that she had seen her Uncle hold her father at gunpoint in 2009, which is mathematically impossible.

Furthermore, the family home that Anna Mayerhofer, her mother Monica Baranjas, and father George Mayerhofer claimed that Anna’s Uncle Edward pulled out a gun and brandished it in 2009, was sold to a third-party in 2006 and no longer in Uncle Edward’s or any other family members possession at the time. So, not only did Anna (her mother and father) lie about the time her Uncle allegedly held her father at gunpoint, her own sworn statements do not fit the timeline that she had claimed she had been out of contact with her Uncle Edward.

Additionally, her father was a convicted felon, who was not allowed to be in possession of a firearm, yet somehow he had the .44 magnum he claimed his brother Edward Mayerhofer held him at gunpoint with. While under oath, Anna’s father claimed that his father was “holding on” to the firearm at the time of the incident, which is another lie. In 2009, both of Anna’s grandparents had already passed away six years prior. At the time of the alleged attack by Anna’s Uncle at the California family home, which we now know was made up, Edward Mayerhofer was in Utah recovering from surgery with his family.

APL Uncle Refutes Anna’… by Jacob Engels

This means that Anna, along with her mother and father, fabricated a story before the court to make her Uncle Edward seem like a crazed maniac with a history of violence who had the intent to hurt her. They accused her Uncle of not only doing this, but also having a history of drug abuse or violence. However, it was Anna’s father who admitted underoath to using drugs and being a felon who could not possess a firearm.

This is par for the course with Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer), who has used similar tactics since she was in high school to seek revenge on anyone who questions or confronts her.

Temporary stalking injunctions in Utah, which Anna Mayerhofer was originally granted, last three years unless the accused contests the injunction and proves to the court that the petitioner was granted a temporary order on false grounds.

Anna Mayerhofer’s attorneys ended up sticking to her story in their closing statements, even going as far to state that it was their stance that her Uncle Edward making comments on social media about Anna, most specifically Facebook, were in violation of Facebook’s “online harassment” policies and community guidelines, which is curious considering Facebook’s terms of service are not the same as federal or state law. Ironically enough, Anna Mayerhofer has spent years railing against those very same policies by Facebook and “Big Tech” that have been used to silence everyone from President Donald J. Trump to everyday conservatives who dare to question the narrative from globalists in Big Tech, the mainstream media, or Democrat elected officials.

APL Closing Arguments by Jacob Engels on Scribd

When asked about why he thinks his niece, for whom he helped raise and feel accepted when both of her parents were out of the picture, would behave like this, Edward Mayerhofer says that he believes his niece has a form of mental illness.

“PARANOID Schizophrenia is common among the women in our family and I’m afraid Anna has failed to be diagnosed or properly treat the condition. She sees anyone who questions her as an enemy, followed by extreme paranoia and absolutely false claims. For this reason, and many others that are blatantly obvious, I do not believe she is mentally fit to hold elected office at any level,” Edward Mayerhofer told the Central Florida Post.

Quite possibly one of Luna’s most egregious lies? The fact that she claimed in a Prager University interview that her Grandma Emma had given her a pendant and instilled pride in her Hispanic heritage when she was younger.

Anna Paulina Luna’s (real legal last name Mayerhofer) own family members have attested to the fact that Grandma Emma suffered from dementia and other health ailments starting in the early 90’s, when Anna was born, according to Anna’s own mother who attested to this under oath.

“She is creating this fairytale that her grandmother was somehow physically and mentally able to hand over heirlooms or tell her stories about the family, which would have been literally impossible. This is Anna using a member of her own family, who is dead and unable to refute her claims, as a political tool to appeal to Hispanic voters,” Edward Mayerhofer continued.

Everything else aside, the fact that Anna Paulina Luna (real legal last name Mayerhofer) would lie about something like this is flat out disgusting.

With her history of abusing the court system to lie about anyone who crosses her, including her own Uncle Edward, how can voters in Florida’s 13th congressional district trust the mental stability of Anna Mayerhofer?

Requests for comment from Anna were left unanswered. However, her consultant claimed that verified court documents and the attached photos were false, which we deny entirely. Just like with her Uncle Edward, Anna is welcome to file legal action if she feels aggrieved, and we are excited to enter the discovery and deposition process.


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit. 

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.