Two Black Sanford Democrats Rumored To Be Considering Congressional Bids

Radical BLM activist turned appointed Sanford City Commissioner Sheena Britton (L) and Businesswoman & non-profit leader Pasha Baker (R).

With less than two months before the filing deadline for congressional candidates approaching, Central Florida Democrats have yet to put candidates forward in the fight to retain Florida’s 7th district that is currently held by retiring incumbent Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy. 

By Jacob Engels

With the new Florida congressional districts officially set, Florida’s 7th district contains all of Seminole and parts of Volusia, removing the more progressive parts of Downtown Orlando and Winter Park in Orange County that helped Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy hold the seat for three terms before announcing her retirement a few months ago.

Before the maps became official, it had been reported by Javier Manjarres of The Floridian that Orange County based progressive State Representative Anna Eskamani was considering taking a stab at federal office, which even garnered a thumbs up from Squad member AOC herself.

However, as Democrats continue to expand upon their obsession with running candidates based on race, two names have begun to pop up in discussions about just who the local Democrat party might be courting to be the sacrificial lamb against the eventual Republican nominee in the newly accepted and solidly Republican district.

Both are black women under the age of 50 who have strong ties to the community, specifically the biggest city in Seminole County with nearly 60,000 residents.

Pasha Baker, the 2020 nominee against Republican Representative David Smith, who garnered the most votes a Democrat has ever gotten in that district against a Republican, is also the CEO of the Goldsboro West Side Community Historical Association and the CEO of Posh Business Solutions, a boutique strategic development firm. Baker is a Sanford native who went through the Seminole County Public Schools system and graduated from the University of South Florida, according to her website.

She is by far the most polished of the two black women being courted by local Democrats for a congressional campaign.

Sanford City Commissioner Sheena Britton is the other potential contender, whose family has lived in Sanford since the 1800’s.  She served as a lowly city employee with a history of workplace violations, writeups and reprimands starting in 2010 before being appointed to fill the vacancy created by the late Mayor Jeff Tripplet who vacated his seat on the City Commission to run for Property Appraiser in 2020 after aggressive pressure from anti-white Black Lives Matter activists who previously marched through the streets of Downtown Sanford chanting “BLACK POWER.”

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Anti-racist skinheads even showed up to the meeting where Britton was appointed to issue death threats against this journalist for publishing articles highlighting her ties to the radical BLM movement, something Britton has never denied, denounced, or disproven her involvement in organizing. During the hearing where she was eventually appointed, Britton denied involvement with BLM, despite photo, video, and evidence on her social media clearly showing her standing as a leader of BLM in the Central Florida area.

While Britton is currently filed for her first election later this year, a longtime friend and defender of Britton’s, Christina Hollerbach, filed to run against her several months ago. Hollerbach is the daughter of Theo Hollerbach who founded Hollerbach’s, Downtown Sanford’s most recognizable eatery and one of the largest employers in Downtown. Despite Hollerbach banning this journalist from the establishment her father created for simply criticizing her longtime friend Britton, which she now manages, Ms. Hollerbach apparently is not satisfied with Britton’s lack of accomplishments since being appointed.

Britton’s only “accomplishment” has been to push for and get city approval for taxpayer money to be spent on a “racial inequity” study. 

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Hollerbach’s family and business ties to the area are reportedly causing angst for Britton, and her allies, who worry that she will not be able to survive an actual election by voters in November of this year. This, and the Democrat party’s obsessive fixation on radical anti-white racist policies has Britton considering a move to a federal race where they believe she could raise millions in small dollar contributions from the ultra-progressive AOC wing of the party.

According to discussions made known to the Central Florida Post by a party insider concerned with putting up Britton as the nominee given her failure to denounce the criminal actions of BLM, high-level donors and seasoned political strategists are wary of Britton’s future political ambitions. However, they realize that if they can convince her to run for congress and control the messaging of her campaign might be the only way to get her in line. Conversely, they are hoping that the idea of Britton becoming a candidate can galvanize the more moderate wing of the party to push the more polished politico, Pasha Baker, into the race in order to have some chance, even if slight, at retaining the congressional seat in the Democrat’s column.

When it comes down to it, Baker has the best electoral track record of any credible Democrat candidate in Seminole County that matches the racial (black) background that party officials want to see in a nominee. She has proven the ability to raise a respectable amount of money as a candidate and has serious connections to local community groups, including business owners and non-profits.

But Britton might prove to be too good an opportunity for members of “The Squad” to upset the apple cart and try to elect another Socialist/Marxist political activist to federal office, where they are currently driving the discussion from a public relations and legislative standpoint.

For now, all we can do is wait and see what happens. With under 60 days on the clock before either Baker or Britton to meet the filing deadline, Central Florida Democrats have some big decisions to make.

Do they go with the college educated, non-profit and business leader in Pasha Baker?

Or do they rally behind BLM activist Sheena Britton, who has refused to denounce her allies marching through Seminole County’s biggest city chanting “BLACK POWER” during the extremely violent “Summer of Love” that saw BLM torch cities, kill cops, viciously beat anyone in their way?

Both Britton and Baker are said to be entertaining a congressional bid, but have not made any moves towards filing campaign paperwork as of publication.

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit. 

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.