GOOD NEWS: Roger Stone and His Wife Nydia Thank the Healing Mercy of Jesus Christ and Share Great News on Her Health

Miraculous good news from the Roger Stone family!  Mrs. Stone’s cancer has gone into full remission.  First appeared on The Gateway Pundit! 

Roger Stone has gone through a lot.  He has met Presidents and knew President Trump was President material a long time ago.  He has is the target of the Marxist left who will stop at nothing in order to steal this country from good Americans.

On Tuesday Roger Stone shared his story on The Joe Hoft Show at Real Talk 93.3 in St. Louis.

Roger shared the following:

I believe in working hard but clean.  I don’t believe in breaking the law.  I believe in doing everything necessary to win, short of breaking the law.  Play within the rules…but instead they call me a dirty trickster.  Well if I’m a dirty trickster the I can identify the greatest dirty trick in American history and that’s the Russian collusion hoax.  This is the greatest single abuse of power in American history in which Barack Obama and Joe Biden used the full authority of the United States government and the extraordinary capability of our intelligence agencies for the strickly politically motivated effort based on totally fraudulent evidence to remove Donald Trump from office…

… The Gateway Pundit is one of the few publications in the country that has actually reported the truth…

Listen to the full discussion below.

On May 18, 2021, we reported that Roger Stone’s wife had stage 3 cancer.  Today, thanks to healing mercy of Jesus Christ, she is in full remission.