Audit The Vote: Defending Freedom In Lake County

Lake County citizens demand a hand recount of the physical ballots of the 2020 election where the ballots can be inspected for validity and signature analysis as well as inspection of mail-in and drop box ballots.

By Sue Parent, Board Member, Lake County Voting and Election Integrity Project

America’s resilience is amazing! We are at a crossroads in the midst of a political storm and We the People have an opportunity to test and preserve the American Foundation of Freedom. Will elected officials, in unified fashion, continue to deny valid concerns of Lake County citizens regarding the integrity of our 2020 elections?

Nearly 60% of Americans across the political spectrum (Rasmussen) believe the 2020 general election was corrupt. The Lake County Supervisor of Elections has accused average citizens, of “promot[ing] through a continuous false narrative supported by flimsy arguments and even weaker statistical analysis. This purpose is to secure a ‘forensic audit’ to validate the election results as they believe them to be.”

Media propaganda is promoting election integrity to be about the presidency when it’s actually about uncovering and fixing the systemic issues, negligence and corruption of the entire elections system…from loose registration and voter verification, to ballots and tabulating, to machines, and more.

We have also been accused of “ruses developed through the promulgating of sloppy analysis” and that we have been “convinced without the need to explain or review” or “without inquiry to the office, or a request of any data from the same” to conclude there was something wrong.

Lake County Election Integrity and Voter Protection Coalition (LCEIVP), Lake County Patriot Club and hundreds of Lake County citizens, have requested and received data from the state and from the SOE’s office: voter rolls, death records, voter removal information, mail-in ballot counts, adjudicated ballot counts, Lake County precinct vote tallies, and information on the vulnerability of the ES&S voting machines. We continue to meticulously review evidence in order to discern the truth.

Information already uncovered:

• voters list the following as “residential addresses”: GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS, STORAGE UNITS, BOAT SLIPS, PARKS and CAMPRGOUNDS

• Voting in MORE THAN ONE COUNTY, and more than once IN LAKE COUNTY

Phantom voters voting from address they DON’T LIVE AT

MISSING precinct vote tally

Machines DO CONNECT to internet

Machine certification did not validate security protocols

Lake County SOE Hays followed state statute performing post election audits. These ‘audits’ are more theoretical in nature than they are comprehensive. FACR 1S-5.026 require that one ballot issue, from at least 1% but not more than 2% of precincts, be hand counted to validate results. In Lake County the resulting ‘proof’ could be a single local issue in one precinct, with a potential recount of less than 100 ballots to claim the over 211,000 vote count is perfect.

These ‘audits’ do not test or validate voter rolls, registrations, signature verification, and, there is no machine review.

What if your bank decided to ‘audit’ its computer balances by randomly selecting one teller’s drawer, and then one slot in that drawer? Essentially, counting 100 nickels to prove the entire $211,000 in the bank has the exact number of fives, tens, twenties, ones, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters and was counted correctly throughout the entire bank.

Officials and media purport the sanctity of voting and voting access, yet cheapen the value of each legal voter’s vote through loose systems that are open to fraud, malfeasance, and dereliction of duty. The challenges of 2020 created a tremendous change in voting methods, which makes 100% undeniable, logical sense to test and validate the election system used inLake County.

Lake County citizens demand a hand recount of the physical ballots of the 2020 election where all ballots will be inspected for validity and signature analysis. If this was the “most secure election in history,” why the pushback on a hand recount and ballot inspection of each ballot?

Every legal voter in Lake County should be asking this same question…was my LEGAL vote counted properly?

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