Did Loomer Opponent Violate Hatch Act, Congressional Ethics?

Free speech activist and investigative journalist Laura Loomer will challenge career politician Daniel Webster in Central Florida’s 11th congressional district in 2022. 

By Jacob Engels

Laura Loomer, who has been deplatformed or banned by every major digital or banking platform in existence for her dedication to calling out those in power and exposing corruption, announced earlier this week that she is moving to Lady Lake, Florida to challenge career politician Daniel Webster who currently serves in the United States Congress representing the 11th district, which includes Lady Lake, The Villages, and Ocala. 

In 2020, Loomer previously challenged Congresswoman Lois Frankel in South Florida’s heavily Democrat 21st district. Despite coming up short on mail in ballots on election day, Loomer raised millions and performed the best of any GOP challenger to face-off against Frankel. Loomer also received the endorsement and vote of President Donald J Trump, who is a resident of Florida-21.

After the 2nd sham impeachment of President Trump and the advent of career politician GOP establishment hacks undermining the America First agenda, Loomer is now ready to take on Congressman Daniel Webster, a career politician who has served in elected office since 1980, with stints in the State House and State Senate before being elected to congress in 2011. 

Webster’s true colors were on full display following the events of January 6th, when he claimed a medical family emergency prevented him from casting a voteduring the second impeachment of President Trump. In highly consequential and important situations such as these, members of Congress have the authority to cast a proxy vote, but Webster couldn’t even be bothered to use a proxy vote to carry out his Congressional duties when it mattered most. 

This makes sense since Webster has dolled out $25,000.00 to the Kevin McCarthy’s National Republican Congressional Committee this year, which has a history of supporting Never Trump establishment members of congress, instead of allocating those funds to America First candidates like Laura Loomer.

Aside from tepid support for President Trump and failure to evangelize for the America First agenda on digital platforms or in media appearances, his history of “accomplishments” are about as exciting as his bland personality. Webster has been a swamp creature in our state capitol and in DC for so long, it appears that sleepwalking to a fat congressional pension is more important than being a freedom fighter for the 72-year old. 

When news broke that Loomer had officially filed to primary Webster, who has only $300,000 in his congressional account and maintains one low level campaign staffer, who FEC records show earned a paltry salary of around $2,000 to date this year, Webster world made a serious blunder that appears to have violated federal law and congressional ethics rules. 

Caught off guard and with no senior campaign staff to issue a response, Jaryn Emhof, who is Congressman Webster’s Chief of Staff and Communications Director in his official US House of Representatives office, issued several statements to major news publications, including the Orlando Sentinel, in response to Loomer’s candidacy. During her conversations with reporters, Emhof identified herself as Webster’s spokeswoman. 

According to the United States House of Representatives Committee on Ethics, the Hatch Act, a federal law established in 1939, prevents federal employees from engaging in a wide-ranging amount of “political activity”. This includes congressional staffers, who are not allowed to engage in campaign activities while on the taxpayer clock. There is supposed to be a very strict firewall between elected official’s tax-payer funded offices and staff, and their campaign staff. 

Emhof issuing statements in response to reporters inquiries about Loomer’s announcement appears to be a clear violation of the Hatch Act.

Furthermore, when this journalist attempted to contact the phone number displayed on Congressman Webster’s official campaign website, we reached a deadline. 

However, when calls to Webster’s congressional office in DC were made, a staffer did answer the phone.

When asked if Emhof was there and able to provide a comment about Loomer’s campaign on Congressman Webster’s behalf, we were put on hold before she returned to the phone and provided an email address to contact Chief of Staff Emhof. 

This journalist then inquired if Emhof was physically present, which the staffer declined to state, likely because Emhof had realized that she had violated the Hatch Act on Wednesday several times when she issued campaign statements to the media. 

When we reached out to Laura Loomer to inform her of the apparent violations committed by Webster’s Chief of Staff, she told us that this potential abuse of taxpayer funds for political activities was a prime example of why Webster needs to go. 

“Do-nothing Dan Webster has been in DC for so long that he believes the rules no longer apply to him, or his staff. What other ethics laws has he, or his staff, been violating? After 40 years of holding elected office as a career politician,  Mr. Webster should have a tower of tangible accomplishments to show the people of his district. But he doesn’t, and this year alone, he has already missed 21.3% of his votes! We can no longer afford to allow people like Daniel Webster to remain in DC where the stagnant doing-nothing, go-along to- get- along culture of Republican establishment politics sadly remains the rule, and not the exception,” Loomer said to the Central Florida Post. 

While commonplace in DC, this type of behavior from Congressman Webster is indeed inexcusable. With the Democrats and far-left doing everything in their power to destroy America, maybe it’s time for a new generation of leaders who have the energy and willingness to save this nation and provide strong leadership and representation in our nation’s Capitol. 

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit. 

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.