How Ron DeSantis Can Rally AND Save America

GUEST POST BY Rocky Haag. Mr. Haag is the former District Secretary and Legislative Aide for State Representative Mike LaRosa. He is currently the Procurement Officer for SellDirectToday.

By Rocky Haag

The situation Florida Governor Ron DeSantis finds himself in reminds of a scene from one my favorite movies “The Outlaw Josey Wales.” There is a scene where the Northern Forces get the tired Rebels to hand over their weapons for a hot meal. Josey of course refuses to participate and hangs back watching his friends go hand over their weapons. 

Watching from a nearby hill with telescope Josey senses something is not right. He immediately jumps on his horse and rides down into the Union Camp guns a blazing taking over a Gatlin Gun that was being used to kill his buddies. While Josey Wales did not save all his men that day, one thing is for sure he turned the tide and rescued a friend. My takeaway is never underestimate the power and significance of a hunch. 

The hunch I have tonight is forces are aligning against Governor Ron DeSantis. Political opponents are using the Covid situation in order to bring his superstar status down a notch. I fear not only for the future of Florida, but also for our nation. 

My hunch is Governor DeSantis needs to get his political guns a blazing and go on the offensive quickly and literally not only to save his immediate political hide but also save America and the world in the same manner.

The path I see that DeSantis could achieve ultimate political victory is one that would take resolve, vision and guts. The path I recommend for Governor DeSantis would require him to go against the grain of mainstream practices. I would encourage him to act quickly and move now because his enemies are awaiting.

Here are the elements of how Governor Ron DeSantis could save Florida and America in one final swoop:

  • Assemble a team of Florida Doctors and medical professionals who have successfully saved thousand of lives during this Covid crisis through the aggressive use of generic and proven prescription therapeutics. Implement this protocol in Florida Hospitals and turn the tide quickly. The fact is mainstream medicine tied with Big Pharma has no plan in effect to be proactive with Covid. There are dozens of men and women Doctors who could be assembled in short order to assist DeSantis in this bold endeavor.
  • DeSantis needs to fall out of love with the experimental Covid shot. Ironically, if you look into where the Covid shot has been deployed the most you will find in those locations the worst of the new variants. DeSantis needs to realize that Big Pharma is not our friend. They are in the position to make Trillions in profit while not realizing the Hell they are unleashing for future generations. 

We need someone like Josey Wales today. Someone willing to play a hunch. Someone willing to spit on a snake oil selling carpet bagger. Someone willing to do what is right. Come on Governor! Get on your horse and ride!