“America First” Candidate Has RINO History, Never Voted In Florida

In the past few months, Cory Mills, an apparent DC swamp creature with a pattern of funding Never Trump political operations, has been attempting to deceive Trump supporters. 

By Jacob Engels

If the 2020 elections have taught the America First movement anything, it’s that you cannot trust people like Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his coterie of DC swamp creatures who merely pay lip service to President Trump, while raising hundreds of millions of dollars off his accomplishments. 

As our country was robbed of a free and fair election, McCarthyites either remained silent or grifted GOP donors out of their hard earned money promising decisive action against the Marxists who have taken over the United States of America.

All the while, the DC swamp creatures collected their paychecks and actively undermined the accomplishments of President Donald J. Trump in their smoke-filled rooms in Washington, chock full of goodies from special interests and lobbyists who have never made an honest paycheck. 

In the fight to unseat Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy in Florida’s 7th congressional district, the Trump base has their work cut out. As someone who has covered Stephanie Murphy since 2016 and even written a book exposing her Marxist roots, I know the very real cost to our community if we do not remove her from the equation. 

Saigon Stephanie Murphy by … by Jacob Engels

That’s why I am concerned about Cory Mills, who fashions himself as a combat veteran and ultimate America First answer to Pelosi handmaiden Stephanie Murphy. On paper, to the unsuspecting voter, many might be convinced that Mills is the one to take up the Trump mantle in 2022. 

However, an investigation by the Central Florida Post has revealed that Mr. Mills is just another establishment hack looking to con the Trump movement. Let’s begin. 

Mills, who has never voted in the state of Florida, is a longtime resident of Virginia and lives entirely off federal contracts from The Swamp. He’s never been in our community, he’s never taken the fight to Murphy as a private citizen. While so many of us have been trying to stop the slide to socialism in Central Florida, Mills has been getting fat from a series of shady defense contracts. 

Voting records show that he registered to vote in Florida mere weeks before filing campaign paperwork, at a residence where nearly a half-dozen other people reportedly live at. There is no evidence to suggest that Mills is even actively living in the district, with his wife still registered in Virginia, where they seem to be spending most of their time. 

According to campaign finance reports, Mills not only earns his living on the government tit, he then turns around taxpayer money to funnel it into the pockets of Kevin McCarthy and a series of PACs controlled by McCarthy that actively fund or undermine America First candidates across the United States. 

McCarthy actively peddled the Russia Hoax and even said “I think Putin pays Trump,” and famously opposed Trump’s tariff proposal that saved hundreds of thousands of American jobs. 

In the past two years, Mills has given a maxed out contribution to McCarthy and close to $100,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee the Take Back The House PAC. McCarthy and his Never Trump pals have been the major beneficiaries of both committees. In comparison, Mills has given barely $1,000 to President Trump’s re-election efforts, which speaks volumes. 

Why would anyone who supports President Trump, an audit of the fraudulent 2020 election, and the America First movement, trust someone like this to defend Trump’s accomplishments and expand on them if elected to the United States Congress?

And what right does Mr. Mills have to carpetbag into a district he’s never lived in and to a state he’s never voted in?

The way forward for the America First movement? We should be as concerned with fighting the Marxist leftwing zealots that control the Democrat party as we are with identifying and exposing the enemies of President Trump within our own ranks. 

We are judged by our actions are we not? Looking at Mills’ history as a booster for Never Trumper Kevin McCarthy and his inaction in ever holding Stephanie Murphy accountable before should tell us all we need to know, in my humble opinion.

Mills told the Central Florida Post that he does not view his donations to McCarthy controlled PACs as problematic. On the issue of concerns over his residency or allegations over carpetbagging, he said that he declined to register in Florida when he was enlisted and later due to his business activities overseas. Mills further explained that he has never been registered to vote or voted in Florida before because he wanted to retain his registration in Virginia to vote in local school board elections.

The Central Florida Post investigation into Mr. Mills is ongoing and we plan on publishing a series of in-depth reviews of his questionable past over the next few months. 

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, Infowars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine, LauraLoomer.US, and The Gateway Pundit. 

Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and special interests in the state of Florida and beyond.