Americans Should “Uncancel” Halloween, Enjoy Fall Holiday

Across America, we have been told that it is just too dangerous to enjoy Halloween as it should be enjoyed this year.


They say that the experts worry about the spread of COVID-19, especially with door-to-door Trick or Treating and house parties or community gatherings. Hands touching bowls, people interacting without social distancing.

It’s a recipe for a apocalyptic end-of-times extinction they proclaim!

But what happens when you think about how they are framing Halloween through the lens of what we have been allowed to do for the duration of the pandemic? Ever since the lockdown, children and adults alike have been able to handle food in supermarkets without any rules or regulations. You can pick up a piece of fruit of box of cereal and then put it back down. We never shut down the supermarkets over the very same concerns “experts” are having about Halloween.

When you think about this logic and apply it to every other store or service that has remained open or reopened in recent months, why the heck can’t our youth enjoy one of the most celebrated and fun holidays of the year?

I was able to try on whatever I wanted at Brooks Brothers a few weeks ago. Thankfully they are one of the few clothing or department stores with strict protocols in place to steam clothes or garments that have been tried on and hold them from the floor for 24hours. However, most places do not do this, and we certainly don’t see supermarkets or grocery stores steaming vegetables that have been handled and taking them off the floor for 24hours.

Here’s the bottom line.

If you can go through your life in the current climate doing just about everything we were able to do before, including massive protests and outdoor gatherings, then America’s youth should be allowed to Trick or Treat for God’s sake. And the adults should be allowed to enjoy themselves as well! 

What holiday or occasion could be more tailor made for the pandemic? Most are already wearing masks and gloves as part of their costumes and it’s an open-air outdoors event!