Roger Stone Responds to “MARTIAL LAW” Smear

Now that we are on the eve of President Trump’s re-election, the mainstream ‘news’ media’s brazen disinformation war has shifted into maximum overdrive. Their false charge that I urged the President to declare Martial Law if he lost the next election is false and must be exposed.

By Roger Stone

The usual pseudo-journalistic suspects are at it again, scrambling hysterically to please their shadowy political masters, spewing forth their latest blatantly-false partisan fantasy narrative onto the fake news-weary American electorate, now long-fatigued by the ceaseless scheming and ruthless manipulating they have had to suffer for years now at the hands of these high-tech disinformationists.

Like all of their convoluted efforts to gaslight the public, spinning a more and more bizarre version of reality with each new layer of bovine feces they pile onto it, the latest springs out of the same arrogant runaway megalomania as the rest, only with far grander designs in mind. They are now approaching the culmination of their long-standing plans for total seizure, no matter what the cost, of totalitarian-level power which requires, first and foremost, stealing the presidency by any means necessary.

Since 2016 we have seen an unbroken pattern of the President’s opponents accusing him and his supporters of doing exactly what they themselves are doing. Take for example the Clinton Campaign’s paying for and commission of a phony dossier smearing the President that was prepared with the assistance of Russian Intelligence and laundering their payment through a West Coast law firm- the only actual Russian Collusion in the 2016 election. Here they are at it again.

In unholy communion with their deceitful fellow traveler propagandists in corporate media, the Democrat Party’s daft dishonest ‘leaders’ are now totally unabashed about their single minded intention to steal the 2020 presidential election by engaging in rampant, unprecedented voter fraud, staging unprecedented violence in our streets and communities to promote instability while simultaneously scheming to  limit the legal and political prerogatives available to the nation’s chief executive officer to stop their commission of this massive crime. The Left is attacking me because I have exposed them, not because I have urged the President to do anything improper or illegal.

As the clock ticks down to November 3rd, their cheap attempts to project their own underhanded mal-intentions and nefarious scheming onto those who stand in their way have grown only more tedious, and even more outlandish. Now their fake news target sites have fixed on those of us who will not standby idly while a pack of seditious subversives work to undermine the democratic processes that underpin our constitutional republic, and impart the essential legitimacy that is derived from a system of popular consensual self-governance.

Several days ago, I joined Alex Jones on InfoWars to sound the alarm about the forthcoming perfect storm that the fake news media, in league with real political criminals, are striving mightily to whip-up.  These individuals are setting the stage for their would-be theft of the 2020 election by systematic vote fraud and preemptive neutralization of the one official of government constitutionally-empowered to stop them cold.

The writing is on the wall. Now those who scribbled it there, like some half-literate Antifa graffitist, are eager to hang blame for their own diabolical machinations around the necks of those who simply brought the world’s attention to them. To this crowd, there is no crime worse than exposing or getting in the way of their own crimes, which brings us to how I have become the latest high-profile target of their fake news and partisan projection juggernaut.

Regardless of all the misleading headlines from reliably-false outlets like The Guardian, Huffington Post, YahooNews, Business insider and the rest of their ilk, I never urged President Donald Trump to declare martial law in the event that he lost the election. A simple review of the transcript or recording of my interview would prove this but the corporate owned news media has no interest in fact or truth.

What I did say was that if there was overwhelming evidence of fraud the president would be completely within his legal rights to implement the insurrection act, and even declare martial law if the Democrats and their barely-disguised thugs escalate the violence they are already using to terrorize America’s cities.

This sort of politically-motivated street violence is a stunning new development that requires heightened governmental intervention to ensure the sanctity and accuracy of an election. It is no surprise that these groups planning election day activities involving harassing voters at the polls as a form of intimidation are engaging in exactly those crimes that they are falsely accusing us of preparing to commit.

We have long known that election fraud has been a regular occurrence for decades in Democrat-controlled jurisdictions like New York, California, Chicago and other heavy-Democrat locales around the nation. Whether it’s dead people, cats and dogs, illegal immigrants, those legally-barred from voting, or people voting multiple times, ballot brokers and Democrat Party officials have used their vast resources to oppose and defeat any sort of regularly-scheduled auditing or cleaning of the voter lists, which would strike the names of those who have either died or moved out of the jurisdiction.

President Trump was wise to alert the American public about voter fraud when he ran for president in 2016, and he is wise to continue doing so in his current campaign. When he began to expose the long sordid history of Democrat Party election fraud, and spoke out about how Democrats plan on doing it all again in 2020, Trump provoked acute anger and hostility from many Democrats and their mainstream media propagandists.

Unable to acknowledge the serious problem of voter fraud, on any level, because of their own rampant complicity in it, Democrats uniformly adopted the totally-negligent, if not utterly-absurd, position that it is all just a “myth.” The sheer dishonesty necessary to adopt such a dubious conclusion is alone enough to call into question the integrity, if not the veracity and even the mental stability, of its adherents.

Nevertheless, they get away with it. This is partly because the prevailing media is on board with it and, as they unfailingly demonstrate wherever or whenever Democrats rule or otherwise reign in any public office (see e.g. the Clinton and Obama years, for starters), will NEVER…EVER…investigate, or otherwise expose, any public corruption, so long as the sleaze has a “D” attached to it.

The Democrats’ perpetual impunity in committing voter fraud is also a function of their success in committing it. Once they have locked down a jurisdiction or district or political subdivision of any kind through election theft, they can then control the means by which such crimes would otherwise be detected and arrested there, assuring that election oversight bodies or law enforcement entities know to adopt the ludicrous Democrat default position that voter fraud is non-existent…a “myth.”

Once they achieve control over any system of government, Democrats will invariably turn government into a corrupt servant of their own narrow interests, a tool for their self-dealing scams and schemes, and a weapon against their opponents and anyone who dares challenge their systematic looting and intrinsic corruption.

The long-term effects of such Democrat hegemony and perpetual unilateral power are obvious in the incredible arrogance and self-entitled hubris that are universal traits in all  Democrat political players. These odious arrogant personality aberrations are particularly amplified when they are confronted with an independent, unflappable figure like Donald J. Trump. They can’t help but blather on with bluster and bullshit about how they’ll take down someone like Trump, no matter what it takes, even by cheating and stealing if necessary.

Before Trump blew their minds with his unprecedented annihilation of their pompous, lazy, treacherous, and epically corrupt nominee, numerous well-known Democrats (along with a number of now-obsolete never-Trumper RINO’s) made sure to add their smirking little sureties to that epically-smug, soon-to-be-humiliated-beyond-belief chorus of know-it-all blowhard pundits and overexposed celebrity big mouths who assured the world, with metaphysical certitude, that Donald Trump would NEVER(!) be president.

Little did they know what was about to happen. But now they do know, and are surely prepared to do anything to make themselves right this time.

Which brings us to the Democrats’ other insufferable speech-slurring female windbag, cult leader and perpetual political parasite – Pelosi, Nancy. One each (thank God). Madame (Speaker) and countless other Democrat seditionists, socialists and communists have repeatedly made demagogic statements to the effect that Trump will “not be re-elected… NO MATTER WHAT”.

Aside from their nearly four years of deceitful partisan machinations, phony investigations, and the repugnant Adam Schiff as their implementer of nonstop war against the president and his allies, their constant bleating that Trump would be removed from office, one way or another, was certainly not idle. Just like their counterfeit impeachment, they were blatantly admitting up front that they would stop at nothing, that no public interest or duty was too sacred, to toss aside in the cause of vanquishing our President.

As they roll out their insane mail-in ballot scam to either flood the election with fraudulent ballots or screw it all up with such chaos and engineered confusion that it will never be resolved (and likely lead to civil war), it is all too obvious what their intentions are, and how far they are willing to go to steal the election of 2020.

Further proof of this destructive seditious insanity they are intent on inflicting on the country is the astonishing statement by an increasingly mentally-unstable Hillary Clinton, almost insisting that Joe Biden must not and can never concede “under any circumstances”, presumably to include even Trump’s winning the election by a landslide or really any result that re-elects the president. This psychopath could not restrain her seething vengeful mania and intent) to  burn down the country and end the American Republic than permit Donald Trump’s re-election. Given this type of extremist rhetoric (from some of the most ruthless criminals the world has ever known) a few million fraudulent ballots is child’s play.

It is clear from their own big mouths that the only thing the Democrats have not lied about is their intent to perpetrate an unprecedented fraud upon the American people and that they will never accept a democratically-derived decision by the American people, if it results in Donald Trump’s re-election as president.

So, when I joined Alex Jones and stated that President Trump should use all legal means necessary to expose and stop their obvious plans for mass election fraud , the Democrats who have for so long been running hog wild with no one stopping them from weaponizing our government against our president, lost their minds.

Headline after hyperventilating headline screamed that I had suggested the President Trump impose martial law if he loses the election and lock up anyone involved in his loss. Besides being sloppy reporting, even for leftist partisans posing as journalists, this is patently false and they know it. I never said that President Trump should use the power of these state to nullify the election if he loses and President Trump has said dozens of times that if he loses fair and square that he will accept the results.

Despite this and the evidence of the Democrats past history of voter fraud and public plans to steal this next election, they are attempting to make me the boogeyman calling for President Trump to refuse legitimate election results. Further, George Soros’ Election Transition operation has stated they plan to close down polling sites and you can be sure that domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and BLM will run rampant across America intimidating and harassing Trump voters in an effort to scare them from casting their vote for President Trump.

This is why we must not only be prepared for what happens on election day, but also do everything we can between now and November 3rd to protect the integrity of our elections and STOP THE STEAL.

The Democrats plan to intimidate voters at the polling places through their alliances with Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA as well as their more traditional forms of election thievery including the manipulation of electronica voting machines, Double and triple voting, the voting of illegal immigrants not to mention those dead people who come back for an earthly visit only on election day.

If the Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign are not going to launch a Legal effort to carefully monitor what happens in the electoral process both before, during and after election day then I will have no choice but to organize a legion of volunteer lawyers (as the Biden campaign has done) to utilize every legal method to insure an honest election. Republicans must be prepared to legally enforce the required transparency and integrity of the election process.

Roger Stone is a seasoned political operative, speaker, pundit, and New York Times Bestselling Author featured in the Netflix documentary “Get Me Roger Stone”. A veteran of ten national presidential campaigns, he served as a senior campaign aide to three Republican presidents: Nixon, Reagan and Trump. Roger Stone was indicted on fabricated charges in the now discredited Mueller witch hunt and subjected to a Soviet-style show trial in Washington DC in which his first, fourth and sixth amendment rights were violated. His sentence was commuted by President Donald J. Trump as an act of justice and mercy on July 10, 2020.