BakeChop: The Freshest Ingredients, Local Produce, Savory Food

BakeChop is a scratch kitchen. Located in DeLand’s Artisan alley. They have great service and always use the freshest ingredients and local produce as frequently as they can get ahold of it. All of their meats are pasture raised, cage free, free of antibiotics and free of hormones.

By Tyler Ziolkowski

We have all had those times where you have friend visiting from out of the area and you want to take the opportunity to showcase some local flavor. Your favorite bar, lunch spot, hiking trail.

Sometimes they love it and sometimes things are less than what you hyped. BakeChop has never failed this writer… NEVER. A wide-ranging menu that caters to any diet or food restrictions keeps it simple while delivering an amazingly satisfying experience. This should be one of your GO-TO’s for showing off Downtown DeLand, especially their BLT sandwich paired with the sweet potato fries and sweet fried plantains.

The Alice in Wonderland burger is also delicious, featuring a french onion reduction, crispy onion rings, gruyere cheese, garlic aioli. The Who’s Wanda small plate is another small plate or side to show off (local shrimp, grilled avocado, black bean pineapple salsa, adobo mayo). THE MAYO REALLY ROCKS.

As far as satisfying your sweet-tooth, we could single out an option for you, but they are honestly all so damn good. The decision is yours.

Though they are only doing take out right now out of an abundance of caution during this pandemic (THANK YOU), when things get back to normal you will have a beer selection worth at least two or three rounds to enjoy. They also serve wine for you winos out there.

Need anymore convincing? Check out their Facebook page which is chock full of mouthwatering photos.

They are located at 110 Artisan Alley DeLand, Florida 32720 and can be reached at (386) 873-6524.

Tyler Ziolkowski is a longtime resident of the Central Florida area. He founded Persimmon Herald because there was no legitimate news coverage of lifestyle, politics, local news and sports in the East Central Florida Area. Ziolkowski was an electric worker before turning to journalism. He believes that everyday people should have a voice in our social and political process.