Val Demings “Loses It” When GOP Members Storm Schiff “Impeachment” Hearing

Central Florida Congresswoman Val Demings lost her mind when several dozen GOP members of Congress stormed Schiff’s impeachment scam hearing and called him out for his illegal coup.

By Jacob Engels

CNN Reporter Manu Raju is reporting that Congresswoman Val Demings began screaming after she and other top impeachment scammers were interrupted by GOP members of congress demanding more transparency in California Congressman Adam Schiff’s impeachment hearings.

Democrats have violated congressional rules and ethical norms in order to hide their nefarious impeachment coup, where they have been busted concocting witness testimonies and fabricating so-called evidence against President Donald Trump. Adam Schiff was even caught making up phone transcripts that he attributed to President Trump, an illegal act that he has yet to take responsibility for.

According to our sources, Demings “shrieked like a harpy”, visibly upset that the criminal coup led by her and Adam Schiff was being derailed. How embarrassing!

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