Cocoa Bar Manager Involved In Politically Motivated Scuffle

Murdock's Southern Bistro manager Vince Cancasci. From a previous arrest in 2017.

Vince Cancasci, who manages several Cocoa area bars including Murdock’s Southern Bistro, allegedly attacked a man after allowing a bar patron to harass a group of conservatives last weekend.

By Jacob Engels

We all know that political violence is on the rise in the United States. However, we are often led to believe that right-wing groups or conservative individuals are to blame for the uptick. The past few months have made that bill of goods harder and harder to sell to the American people, with several major acts of political violence having been committed by members of the far-left domestic terrorist group known as Antifa.

The collective of extremely violent anarcho-leftists have brutally assaulted a gay journalist on camera in Portland and firebombed a government facility in Tacoma. Leftists, who often use blunt force objects like crowbars to carry out their depravity, have also targeted random passerby and elderly individuals during political demonstrations. Even the Dayton mass shooter had a history of supporting Antifa’s violent tactics and operations, a fact widely underreported by the mainstream media. Most recently, dozens of violent Antifa and members of the alt-left were arrested at separate demonstrations in Portland and Boston.

Individuals involved with groups like Antifa are radicalized by the extremist rhetoric from journalists and members of the Democrat party who insist that Donald Trump is the literal reincarnation of Adolf Hitler. They are told very tall tales about not only President Trump, but anyone who supports him. Even if you don’t like Trump, you are targeted for not demanding he be impeached and punished for his alleged “treasonous” actions. Few groups have been attacked so relentlessly along these lines as The Proud Boys, a patriotic men’s group that celebrates western culture and the power of liberating power of American greatness. They are pro-LGBT, anti-tax, for secure borders and total freedom of speech. They want to end the costly drug war and boast a multi-racial membership that also welcomes LGBT prospects. However, if you listen to the media and scam operations like the SPLC, Proud Boys are basically Trump’s equivalent of Hitler’s raucous and notoriously violent brownshirts.

This mindset appears to have been successfully brainwashed into several Cocoa area residents, who allegedly harassed and physically attacked local members of The Proud Boys during the monthly meetup on Saturday, September 21st. The group was in Murdock’s less than five minutes before being accosted by Alyssa Dorer, who runs Paisley Vegan Kitchen. According to Arthur Jackman, who serves as the Vice President of the Central Florida Proud Boys, Dorer started shouting at his members and announced that she was taking their photos to “expose them.” Ms. Dorer accused them of being Nazis and said “ALL PROUD BOYS ARE SCUM.”

Jackman spoke exclusively to the Central Florida Post about the night, starting with the opening act from Dorer.

“It’s a sad state that we’re in these days—that men cannot get together and have beers with each other in a public place without being harassed simply because of our political beliefs, which would have been terribly benign even just ten years ago; we support our President, we love our country, we believe in free-speech and the meritocracy of ideas it cultivates. Apparently, these positions make one worthy of inexhaustible levels of contempt and virulent behavior,” explained Jackman.

Dorer refused to provide comment after multiple attempts to reach her at her place of business and on her personal cell phone. An unidentified man, who we believe to be Michael Martin, spoke to us on her behalf when we called Paisley Vegan Kitchen. He was extremely aggressive and refused basic questions about the incident.

Several witnesses, who asked us to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal and targeted harassment from Dorer, have confirmed Jackman’s account in statements to the Central Florida Post.

At this point, Proud Boys realized that remaining in the bar would continue to fuel the unstable outbursts from Dorer. They chose to relocate to the outside area of Murdock’s in an effort to drink and eat in peace without further confrontations. Dorer didn’t take the hint and continued to photograph and rile up other patrons. Vince Cancasci, a friend of Dorer and another gentlemen initially went outside in an effort to help deescalate the matter, and for a time it worked for the most part.

“Had we been asked to leave, we would have happily obliged, but after talking rationally and coolly with Mr. Cancasi about our motives and our desire to keep the peace, he agreed that we were indeed “cool” and that “everything is good!” We figured: “great, back to our beers!” But, I guess that was all a ruse, because it wasn’t long afterwards that he approached one of our friends from behind and got physical,” continued Jackman.

However, Dorer was unable to drop the matter. Jackman says that while his group did not remain silent in the face of her antics, they didn’t do anything but make it clear that her claims about the group were false and that it was inappropriate for her to continue taking photographs and making outlandish statements.

“Most of our fraternity’s members have been systematically de-platformed off all the mainstream web platforms for our beliefs, our businesses face constant attack…and now we struggle to have a peaceful night out with the boys. We get together a couple times a month, and we stick to ourselves whenever possible, but these days, if you subscribe to wrong-think, you must be heckled, shunned, and forced into the shadows—even by threat or use of violence if necessary.”

While this all was occurring, at least one employee of Murdock’s called 911 requesting police remove the group from the bar for engaging in political arguments with other patrons. A female caller alleged that the group in question, The Proud Boys, were a Neo-Nazi fascist group and were even “wearing MAGA HATS.” Police obliged, but not before receiving several more calls from an individual who appears to be an employee of Murdock’s. A male caller, alleged that ten Proud Boys gathered around an upset woman, presumably Dorer, and assaulted her. “They are all carrying” the caller proclaimed several times before admitting that he could not corroborate his allegations about the group possessing weapons or firearms of any kind.

Imagine the thoughts of Cocoa Police officers responding to this call. According to the 911 calls, a roving gang of armed Neo Nazis was terrorizing main street and targeting innocent women with vicious beat downs? If someone made one wrong move as the cops arrived, on either side, someone could have been seriously harmed since police officers were under the assumption that a potential shooting was about to or might have already occurred.

The truth of the matter, according to video evidence obtained by CFP, tells another story.

Enter Murdock’s bar manager Vince Cancasci, who has a criminal record. Cancasci was arrested in 2017 for marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia. I am no fan of the drug war and charging people with marijuana possession, just to be clear. Cancasci entered into pre-trial diversion with prosecutors according to court records, but getting a pass for breaking the law in 2017 apparently didn’t motivate him to stop breaking the law last weekend.

Despite a totally different narrative being told to Cocoa Police by individuals who appear to be connected to Murdock’s and Dorer, it was Cancasci and someone who appears to bear the resemblance of Michael Martin, who assaulted a member of the Proud Boys after the situation had effectively been diffused.

In the video, we can see Cancasci allegedly placing his hand on the shoulder of a Proud Boy, who then raises his hands and signals for Canacasci to refrain from touching him. At this point, Martin allegedly got physical with the Proud Boy, before people quickly break up the fight. The Proud Boy who was attacked by Cancasci, revealed to the Central Florida Post that he was a disabled veteran and was caught by surprise when he was cornered outside of Murdock’s. We have decided not to publish his name.

Again, both Cancasci and Martin have declined to provide comment to this publication or provide evidence to disprove either the video or statements we’ve obtained from witnesses to the scuffle. Dorer, Cancasci and Martin have apparently enlisted mainstream media outlet Florida Today to tell their side of the story. It’s unclear, but expected that Florida Today will refuse to reach out to The Proud Boys for comment, a tactic we have seen employed by journalists in covering Trump supporters over the past four years. Florida Daily has featured stories on Dorer’s vegan restaurant and used Cancasci as a source for quotes about the restaurant and bar industry in the Cocoa area.

When police did arrive, an African American member of The Proud Boys was singled out by Cancasci, who told law enforcement “He was the worst of them all!”. It is unclear why Cancasci targeted an African-American member, who is reportedly a veteran of our armed forces. Leftists often label people of color who don’t support progressive policies as “Uncle Tom” or “House Negros” who have betrayed their race because they support conservatism over progressive ideals.

“I am proud that our Florida chapter upheld our commitment to non-violence. It’s disturbing to see this behavior all over the United States from people who want to turn our nation into a socialist welfare state. Americans are facing violence and censorship at every turn if they dare support Western values. The Proud Boys will never back down to deranged anti-American leftists and we refuse to give up our constitutionally protected rights,” Tarrio told us when reached via text message.

Central Floridians should be thankful that this didn’t escalate any further. It could have ended in a bloody brawl and someone could have been seriously injured. The owners of Murdcock’s should definitely review employee guidelines about altercations like this. They should also explain the seriousness of wasting police resources and making false statements to the police with any member of their staff who provided less than truthful tall tales to 911 dispatch.

We are better than this. It is unclear if Cancasci is currently being investigated by law enforcement, or if his involvement in the alleged assault is a violation of his pre-trial diversion program. At this point, we have been unable to find evidence of Dorer posting photos of the group publicly with accompanying private information, an act known as doxxing (that she is alleged to have threatened Proud Boys with), which can be considered cyber-stalking in the state of Florida, which can be considered a misdemeanor or felony offense depending on the circumstances.

This is an ongoing story. We will continue to provide updates as the story progresses.

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine and LauraLoomer.US. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.