Stephanie Murphy Refuses Trump Meeting To End Shutdown

The uber-wealthy Winter Park Democrat has decided that an “organizational” meeting of the House Ways and Means Committee is more important than ending the shutdown.

By Jacob Engels.

Stephanie Murphy, one of our local members of Congress and leader of the Blue Dog Caucus, has announced that she has refused President Trump’s invite to the White House this afternoon because of an organizational meeting of the House Ways and Means Committee, of which Murphy is a member.

The White House meeting was to discuss ending the government shutdown and securing the border. Yes, you read that right. A top Democrat has refused the call by President Trump to parlay at the White House, end this government shutdown by building the wall, and secure this nation for an “organizational” meeting. Just this weekend, other Democrat leaders vacationed in Puerto Rico with a legion of lobbyists and socialites, as we entered the third week of the government shutdown.

Murphy married into the Full Sail University fortune and maintains several lavish country club memberships in Central Florida, including the regions most exclusive and expensive Interlachen Country Club, where she famously berated the staff over what she described as a “ghetto” playground in 2018.


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