Soros Linked Prosecutor’s Mysterious Cash Infusion

A report is being circulated by an anonymous truth-teller named “Publius”, documenting how ORANGE / OSCEOLA State Attorney Aramis Ayala’s allegedly secret sources of income are boosting her net worth.

By Jacob Engels

We have reported throurougly on anti-death penalty State Attorney Ayala’s ties to liberal moneyman George Soros over the past two years. We exposed so much truth about the insiduous alliance that our publication was threatened by Soros’ goons.

Now the Central Florida Post has obtained an email sent to the prosecutors office on “HAPPY BOSS’S DAY” calling her out for a nearly $250,000 increase in net worth in just the first year of her tenure. The document alleges that Ayala reported on her financial disclosures a $205,000 money market account, tens of thousands in cash, and $50,000 in “household goods.”

Soros Prosecutor’s Net Worth Mysteriously Skyrockets by Jacob Engels on Scribd

Questions about where this mysterious cash infusion came from have gone unanswered, though the document alleges that her family housing and daycare costs are also being subsidized by a yet unidentified source.

Ayala makes just north of $100k a year in salary as the ORANGE / OSCEOLA County State Attorney, before expenses. So how is it that she went from almost $200k in the negative to a net worth of $54k? Why has she not yet reported any other sources of income in her financial disclosures?

Many have reasoned that she is contunuing to be subsidized by George Soros, though we have not been able to confirm those allegations. Ayala made history as a Black Lives Matter activist lawyer who stomped out former State Attorney Jeff Ashton in a brutal primary in 2016.

You can read the full document here.

Soros Prosecutor’s Net Worth Mysteriously Skyrockets by Jacob Engels on Scribd


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