Will DeSantis Abandon Fiscal Conservatism As Governor?

The bill that Congressman DeSantis voted YES on increased the deficit by $1.2 trillion. 

By Sean D. Hartman

I first saw Congressman DeSantis at an Americans For Prosperity event in Orlando. I was a proud volunteer and activist with AFP, a firm believer in economic liberty and balanced budgets. Congressman DeSantis himself was a supporter of these values, being labeled a “Taxpayer Hero” and being a deficit hawk against the big spending DC swamp.

But Congressman DeSantis got comfortable in the swamp, siding with a trillion-dollar deficit supported by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over AFP conservatives who expected him to hold the line on deficit spending.

Now Congressman DeSantis wants to be Governor, where we can now assume he will continue the big-spending Schumer policies in Tallahassee just like he did in the DC swamp.

The bill was formed by Schumer working with fellow swamp creature, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). The bill was passed at the last minute due to the leadership failing to do their job and pass a budget early.

Congressman DeSantis had been willing to buck these swamp creatures before, but obviously a few years in the marshes makes one complacent. Instead of standing on fiscal conservatism, the Congressman voted for more spending and more debt for the next generation.

The bill that Congressman DeSantis voted YES on increased the deficit by $1.2 trillion, a debt that many young conservatives who supported Commissioner Putnam will pay.

But now, Congressman DeSantis wants Republicans to forget that he betrayed them and voted with Senate Democrats and Leader Chuck Schumer to add more debt to our nation. When we elect conservatives, we expect them to be strong on their principles 100% of the time.

It is for his lack of backbone that Congressman DeSantis will not earn my vote in the General Election and should not earn the vote of any deficit hawk or fiscal conservative who demand their Republican leaders stand on the conservative values they ran on.

Now I am not stating that I will vote for Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. Mayor Gillum has run a politically divisive campaign, taking radically progressive positions and even calling for the President’s impeachment.

When I spoke to Mayor Gillum during a campaign event with the UCF College Democrats, I asked the Mayor to say something nice about the President, citing my concerns as a centrist of the political divisiveness in our nation. Mayor Gillum stated that the President unified the nation in hatred of him.

When I asked Gillum campaign officials how the Mayor will work with a Republican legislature, they replied that their solution is to remove Republicans from office. Noble as that goal may be, it shows that Mayor Gillum has no plan to work with Republicans, meaning his Governorship is doomed to fail before it even begins.

But despite Mayor Gillum running a campaign of division and hate, at the very least, Mayor Gillum looks you in the eye when he stabs you. Congressman DeSantis stabs Republicans in the back, saying he will be fiscally responsible, yet adding more to our debt that we are going to have to pay back.

We don’t need Deficit DeSantis in Tallahassee. Republicans deserve better.


Sean David Hartman is a reporter for the Central Florida Post, covering entertainment and public affairs. He describes himself as a “Professional Political Nuisance” and goes after politicians on both sides. Hartman is an autism rights activist, and #ProudlyAutistic.