Yoho Deputy Chief of Staff Plotting Congressional Bid

Kat Cammack, Deputy Chief of Staff and Campaign Manager for North Florida’s Ted Yoho, secured domain names for her campaign in 2016.

By Jacob Engels

While Congressman Ted Yoho might not even get through the Republican primary to serve his final term (self-imposed), his Deputy Chief of Staff and campaign manager seems to have had an eye on his post since 2016.

Kat Cammack, parachuted into North Florida’s 3rd congressional district from Denver to help manage Yoho’s successful primary challenge to longtime incumbent Cliff Stearns in 2012. Since, she has been one of his top aides and returned as his campaign manager in 2014, 2016, and again now in 2018.

However, WHOIS records show that Yoho’s trusted confidante has been planning her own run for Congress since late March of 2016. Grit Strategies, owned by Cammack, purchased three domains on March 27th of 2016.

cammackforcongress.com, katcommack.com, and katforcongress.com are registered to Grit Strategies, Cammack’s consulting firm.

Yoho is facing off against Judson Sapp in the Republican primary in 2018, so Cammack is presumably is plotting her bid for 2020 after he boss is done finishing out his final term.

It is unclear if Cammack has been working behind the scenes to build her campaign apparatus while simultaneously helping Yoho ward off Sapp, but these domain registrations show that the apprentice has long been thinking about taking the place of her Jedi.

Politicos have been whispering about Cammack’s “ambitions” for years.

If I were Ted Yoho, I’d want to make sure that Cammack is focused on my re-election campaign, rather than plotting her own congressional bid. And for the voters of Florida’s 3rd congressional district… would Congresswoman Cammack be a continuation of Yoho’s time in DC?

One has to wonder if that really means Yoho is going to abide by his self-imposed term limits… or simply cede power to his lackey in 2020…


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.