Roger Stone To Make Major Announcement In Florida

The Trump advisor and target of Robert Mueller’s phony witch-hunt will appear in Central Florida on June 13th.

By Jacob Engels

The Central Florida Post has learned that Roger Stone will appear at an event on the evening of June 13th, next Wednesday, to make a major announcement in the must-win I-4 corridor of Florida.

While our sources remain mum on what exactly Stone will say or do, they are billing it as a “YUGE” event that will make waves throughout the region, state, and nation.

Stone has recently been under fire from Robert Mueller, the leader of the Russia investigation that has dragged on for over a year, providing nothing but suppositions and assumptions. Almost a dozen of the NYT bestsellers former and current staff have been targeted by Mueller, despite no “Russian Collusion” having been proven.

Hot off the release of his new book titled “Stone’s Rules: How To Win At Politics, Business, And Style”, a guidebook to crush your enemies and do so in a spectacular fashion, the political provocateur has made it clear that he expects a “manufactured” attack from Mueller.

Stone, who originally suggested that his longtime friend Donald Trump run for President as early as the 1980’s, has spent the past few months standing strong against bogus Obama-linked lawsuits and congressional inquiries. He has launched a legal defense fund to fend off these Deep State attacks against him and his family.

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