Roger Stone Slams Fake News Attacks From WSJ

Shelby Holliday is the epitome of fake news and she is now busted. But then, I’m sure she’ll be promptly invited onto MSNBC where bullschiff like hers has been raised to an art form.

By Roger Stone

In the forty years I have been in American politics I have encountered more than my share of fake news peddlers — poseurs who fancy themselves reporters but are, in reality, bent on twisting the truth and propagating falsehoods to serve their ulterior, usually partisan, agenda. I am hard-pressed to recall one more fitting this description than Shelby Holliday of the once great Wall Street Journal.

It is clear from Ms. Holliday’s cherry-picked, selective coverage of some of what has been a nonstop stream of false accusations against me, repetitively recycled for dozens of months through fake news media outlets from CNN to MSNBC to the New York Times and Washington Post, that Holliday is intent on serving as a mouthpiece for the most deceitful manipulator and delusion-peddler in American politics today, the execrable Adam Schiff — the Democrat’s Russia collusion hoaxster extraordinaire.

In an April 2, 2018 WSJ write-up on the Wikileaks-Assange angle to the Russia collusion hoax, Holliday systematically ignored demonstrated facts and omitted any fair rebuttal by me, in order to falsely portray my sworn testimony to the House Intelligence Committee about my confirming source for Julian Assange’s stunning revelation on CNN in June 2016 that he had obtained bombshell e-mails regarding Hillary Clinton and would publish them.

Long story short, Holliday simply repeated the Schiffian false narrative that my testimony was somehow incomplete and in some way not truthful. This was simply a retread of Schiff’s deceptive false assertions, first that I didn’t answer all the questions asked of me because I didn’t initially provide the identity of my confirming source, Randy Credico; second, that my answers about my confirming source were not truthful because Credico flatly denied being the source; and third, that my testimony was not truthful because Credico claims that he did not actually meet Assange himself until a couple of weeks after my initial statements in August 2016 about having a backchannel to Wikileaks.

Of course all of this casting of false suspicions on me hinged completely on the credibility of Schiff, a known selective self-serving leaker and serial fabricator of false claims and factual distortions, usually based on his own cherry-picked, half-truthful leaks, and of Randy Credico, who refused to testify at all to the Intelligence Committee, asserting his right against self-incrimination, and whose public statements about this have literally been all over the map, often incomprehensible, and certainly evasive, at minimum.

I should note here that I fully and completely and willingly testified for hours, under oath, before the House Intelligence Committee, and that my testimony there was completely responsive and truthful in all respects, as well as consistent with every other public statement or interview I have made about this whole defamatory faux scandal, regardless of the constant false claims to the contrary concocted and spread around the media by Democrat members of the committee. I also covered all of the facts concerning Credico, ad nauseum, on my own website

When the facts finally came to light, the narrative that Holliday had disingenuously peddled was proven to be nothing but a pack of lies assembled by Schiff and Credico. I should note here that, as Holliday herself has now reported, Credico after first refusing to testify has now rushed to the eager waiting arms of the Intelligence Committee Democrats.  Despite the Committee’s closing of its investigation, having found no evidence to support the Democrat’s defamatory hoax, the vendetta-driven, deceitful Democrats nonetheless labor on mightily in hopes of keeping their collapsing Russian collusion hoax alive and distracting the public from the Obama-Clinton national security crimes.

The truth of the matter was that Schiff had simply lied about my testimony, omitting the key fact that the sole answer I did not provide during my testimony – the identity of my confirming source Credico – was subsequently supplied to the Committee by my attorneys, at the urging of Congressman Trey Gowdy and other Committee Republicans.

My reason for not initially providing this one answer was fear of reprisal against Credico. It should be noted that, following my attorney’s supplying of Credico’s name to the Committee that Schiff promptly leaked Credico’s identity and Credico was, as I feared, promptly fired from his job as talk show host at New York’s WBAI radio.

The truth of the matter is that Credico’s claims that he was not my confirming source have been contradicted by his own explicit admissions, not only verified on the record by individuals to whom he made them, as noted in an interview Credico gave to ArtVoice (link), a longstanding progressive website, but also by recorded statements straight from Credico’s own mouth, now posted on the internet.

The truth of the matter is that Credico’s attempts to bolster his claims that he was not my confirming source by saying he never actually met Assange until after I had made my first revelation of having information from a Wikileaks back channel were also false.

Credico conveniently omitted the critical fact that he had a 30-year relationship with a lawyer whom he told me worked for WikiLeaks, and whom now-reported emails between Credico and myself show to be Credico’s confirming source within Wikileaks, not Assange himself, which I had simply assumed at the time based on Credico’s boastings.

The upshot of all this is that Shelby Holliday, after reporting these lies and distortions, took absolutely no interest in numerous efforts I made with her to clarify these facts and dispel the manipulations of Adam Schiff and Randy Credico.

Fake News reporter Shelby Holliday has disgraced the Wall Street Journal with her incompetent reporting.

Holliday quite purposefully ignored the on-the-record statement of movie producer David Lugo (The Good American) that Credico had admitted to Lugo that Credico was my confirming source, as well as Credico’s ArtVoice interview and even the video of Credico himself admitting he was my source. Holliday instead simply left standing the false Schiff narrative that she had so eagerly published.

Holliday is also the same reporter who, when I proved that her report that I had dined with Assange on August 9th was false, even producing my passport, along with airline and hotel records showing I was in Los Angeles at the time, actually said with a straight face on TV that perhaps I had “dined” with Assange via Skype — an assertion that is laughably-ludicrous and, in itself, blows Ms. Holliday’s credibility clean out of the water.

Now, Holliday herself has reported a story in the WSJ that confirms everything I have said all along. Of course, the story is quite expectedly framed in such a manner as to somehow further Holliday’s repetition of the bogus Schiff narrative that would cast suspicion on me. It is falsely titled: “Roger Stone Sought Information on Clinton From Assange, Emails Show”,  rather than “Roger Stone Sought Information of Clinton Libya Misdeeds from a Journalist Connected to Wikileaks”, which would be a truthful title for her story.

Nevertheless, Holliday’s story, despite her attempt to shoehorn more Schiff distraction and deceit into it, not only demolishes all of her own selective reporting from April 2, and does so using materials provided by her own source himself, the hapless Randy Credico, but it actually validates and reinforces what I have said from the very beginning: that my only connection to Wikileaks was through an intermediary and that my only interest was as a journalist seeking information which I would ultimately publish on my own and also report on InfoWars.

My request to Credico was whether Wikileaks had any specific information pertaining to the fall of Libyan leader Moammar Qaddafi. I was at the time, like any journalist would, exploring a claim by Reverent R.K. Paul, an evangelist who claimed that he and Congressman Walter Fauntroy, Jr., Chairman of the House Banking Committee, had negotiated an agreement of terms in which the Libyan strong man would be able to abdicate power and flee the country with his life. Paul had also insisted that Congressman Dennis Kucinich was aware of these developments and their gestation.

According to Paul, he and Fauntroy had a phone conversation with General Wesley Clark about this agreement with Qaddafi and that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton herself had been patched into the call to sign off on the deal. In fact, Dr. Paul produced a document signed by the dictator himself that appears to be authentic. It would have been and still would be a blockbuster story, if verified.

Fauntroy also confirmed Paul’s version of events. Fauntroy has endured a 5-year period “on the lam,” after someone tipped him off that his knowledge of the Clinton-Qaddafi deal had marked him for assassination by the British intelligence service MI6. Fauntroy had previously been convicted and served his time for passing a bad check, but was continuing his work in the community at the time he resurfaced in the United States.

Of course, I knew I needed more evidence of this story before I could write and broadcast it on the Stone Cold Truth or Infowars. So I certainly had repeatedly implored Randy Credico to see if any documents existed that might do so. Of course, these requests to Credico came in September, after Assange was interviewed by Credico on his WBAI radio show, which had by then undeniably confirmed my belief that my prognostication concerning the Wikileaks email releases, per Credico’s confirmation, were in fact valid.

Returning to the larger picture, the Schiff-Holliday would-be narrative casting me as some sort of murky agent of Russian influence, playing fast and loose with the truth is once again demolished, despite the clear attempt by Holliday to insert Schiff into the story and torture it to, once again, put me falsely under some sort of generalized suspicion, per Schiff’s continuing lies and distortions.

Like Holliday’s own selective reporting and purposeful factual omissions, Schiff’s serial lies and his campaign of defamation against me have been consistently and serially debunked, as the truth and the real facts (versus Schiff’s deceitful cherry-picked leaks) have come out.

[It is important to take this moment to repeat my demand that Adam Schiff put his money where his big, slanderous mouth is and waive the Congressional immunity that he is now abusing to an arguably-criminal extent, as cover for his nonstop campaign of systematic defamation against me, which has become so ruthless in its tenor that it has clearly gone beyond any possibility of being merely a misguided inquisition and is now decidedly in the realm of a malicious, maniacal vendetta.

Waive your immunity, Mr. Schiff, former attorney and “prosecutor” and let us have an impartial trier of fact decide if your constant spinning narrative and false claims can be defended against a claim for damages against you. Stop hiding behind your abuse of the extraordinary legal protections provided by the public office with which you are entrusted and face the music.]

The facts that are finally coming out, albeit a bit slowly for my taste given the Democrats’ ongoing manufactured torrent of distractionary lies, now demonstrably prove the truth of the matter: that my only relation to Assange or Wikileaks was merely to as a journalist and broadcaster seeking information or confirmation through another journalist and broadcaster whom I believed had access to sources in the Wikileaks organization.

I would also think it quite noteworthy that the publication of these Credico emails with me in Holliday’s article, showing that I was repeatedly pestering Credico to confirm information through his Wikileaks contacts, militate definitively against the constant false light claims and defamatory insinuations by Adam Schiff and the Democrat left’s media lynch mob that I was somehow collaborating or otherwise working with or connected to Wikileaks or some other nebulous forces of “Russian collusion.”

No one who has any other source on the face of this earth that they could possibly plumb for information they seek would ever voluntarily or needlessly subject themselves to Randy Credico, as I had to do in trying to confirm information I was developing for a news story I had in the works. The way Credico conducts himself and his unstable, crazed persona, I certainly would have beelined directly to Wikileaks for information, had I any remote possible direct contact with them, just to avoid dealing with Credico.

But the fact is that I did not and never had any direct contact or direct information from Wikileaks during the 2016 election. It simply never existed, no matter how far and how wide Adam Schiff lies about it to the contrary.

As for the fake news specialist, Ms. Holliday, it is clear that she has no interest in letting the facts or the truth get in the way of the phony narrative supplied to her by Adam Schiff, lest it get in the way of a good fake new story –one from which the self-promoting fake news wannabe journalist might actually score an invitation to go on television to repeat her deceptive fake news lies.

Shelby Holliday is the epitome of fake news and she is now busted. But then, I’m sure she’ll be promptly invited onto MSNBC where bullschiff like hers has been raised to an art form.


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