DeSantis Colludes With George Soros, Slams Conservative Media

Instead of admitting he was wrong to support food stamps for illegal immigrants, the Ron DeSantis campaign for Governor has aligned with the Soros funded “Politifact” website that bolstered Hillary Clinton.

By Jacob Engels

A little over a week ago, the Central Florida Post exposed Congressman Ron DeSantis for voting against a measure that would have banned illegal immigrants, murderers, and violent sex offenders from receiving government assistance through food stamps.

This unearthed vote from 2014 is a sore subject in DeSantis world, mainly because it showcases a radical departure from the hard-charging conservative Mr. DeSantis has worked so hard to package himself in his campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor.

HR 2642, which he stood against and cast a nay vote, was about many other things his campaign argued through advisor Brad Herold. Shortly after our article went live, Mr. Herold sent us a flurry of text messages and ultimately told us “you will take this down.”

After lobbing empty threats, DeSantis’ campaign team went into meltdown mode, instructing allies to accuse our publication of being fake news, tied to liberal special interests, and even of being part of a vast anti-Trump conspiracy.

For our longtime readers, you understand how utterly ridiculous those claims are. To our new readers, those wild conspiracies are laughable hogwash being parroted by paid staff and volunteers for Mr. DeSantis’ campaign, hardly impartial sources.

Following our story, Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, a watchdog group founded by and operated by battle hardened United States Marines, would publish their own take on DeSantis backing food stamps for illegal immigrants.

The article was a ruthless takedown of his alleged conservative bonafides, and even called into question whether or not DeSantis has actually been backed by President Trump. Longtime Trump confidante and aide Roger Stone expertly explains the truth about what actually happened, and why Mr. DeSantis is dishonestly promoting a kind tweet as a full-throated endorsement.

Fast foward to this past Thursday and Politifact, a fact-checking service funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, falsely rated our article and the follow-up from Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children as a “Pants-On-Fire” lie.

The very fact that Congressman DeSantis’ campaign team ran to their allies in the mainstream media for cover on his problematic vote should concern GOP primary voters.

The Poynter Institute, which funds Politifact and provides high-level administrative staffing, was exposed in 2016 as being funded by George Soros and a major backer of the criminal operation known as The Clinton Foundation.

Though we provided a detailed and thorough response to questions from Politifact about our article, they published a limited amount of our responses, while giving a majority of their readers denials and a self-serving defense of Mr. DeSantis’ vote in support of food stamps for illegal immigrants.

We had moved on from this story and refused to cave from threats issued by Mr. Herold, who we understand is just doing his job.

However, if he was trying to bury this story to save his candidate for Governor any future trouble of his questionable vote, threatening a journalist and running to a Soros funded fact-checking website has accomplished the exact opposite of those intentions.

If Mr. DeSantis would rather rely on assistance from Politifact, which rates Republicans/Conservatives/Non-Mainstream Media outlets as liars three times more often than Democrats/Liberals/Mainstream Media, his campaign is in worse shape than we thought.

Lame attacks from handmaidens in the mainstream media and compromised “fact-checking” services like Politifact did not work for Hillary Clinton in 2016… and will not work for Ron DeSantis in 2018.


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, Fox News, and Australia’s New Dawn Magazine. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.