Game Night: Heart-Pounding, Hilarious Mystery

A cast of characters each bring their own unique niche to the whole, allowing for a diversity of comedic styles.

By Sean David Hartman

Back in the day, I would host game nights with a few of my nerd friends where we would play tabletop games while playing Pandora. However, those game nights were nothing like Game Night, a heart-pounding action mystery that combines the thrills of an action film with O. Henry twists, all with consistent laughter.

The movie, made by the filmmakers who did Horrible Bosses, and who are set to direct the DCEU Flash standalone film, depicts a game night hosted by competitive super couple Max and Annie, played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. Joining them is Ryan, a blonde pretty nimwit with a different Instagram model on his arm every night, and Michelle and Kevin, childhood lovebirds.

But this game night is different, with Max’s prettier and more successful older brother enters the ring with a kidnapping murder mystery. And what should be a fun night turns into craziness when Max is actually kidnapped due to, at least supposedly, his black market dealings.

And so, this ragtag gang of idiots, splitting up thinking they are playing a simple game, end up engaging in a multitude of shenanigans involving gunshots, bloody dogs, and creepy neighbors.

The movie is filled with adventure and laughter all the way through, keeping you guessing and second-guessing and being wrong both times. When you think you have the story figured out, another curveball, another character, another wrench is thrown in your theory. An antagonist becomes an ally, a new enemy ends up being worse, what was real becomes fake, up is down, black is white.

This movie makes you feel like you are experiencing the adventure with the characters, with the intense heart-pounding suspense combined with the joviality of the ridiculous. A cast of characters each bring their own unique niche to the whole, allowing for a diversity of comedic styles. It is definitely a must see hit that I highly recommend seeing with friends, and potentially inebriated.



Sean Hartman is a Junior at the University of Central Florida, studying Political Science. He previously served as the Vice President of the Southwest Florida Young Republicans and as Assistant Regional Coordinator to the Ted Cruz For President campaign. He described himself as a “Professional Political Nuisance” and labels his political views as “classical liberalism”.