Roger Stone’s Struggle For America

The veteran political operative refuses to slow down or acquiesce. Victory or death. ***First appeared in New Dawn Magazine***

By Jacob Engels

The summer of 2016 was the “Summer of Stone” for American politics, and Roger Stone was determined to stop establishment Republicans from stealing the GOP nomination from his longtime friend Donald J. Trump.

He threatened to publish the hotel room numbers of the delegates and party officials involved in the steal, and traveled to Cincinnati with his new pal Alex Jones.

For many Americans, 2016 was their first fully immersed election experience, dominated by a never-ending stream of election-related content bombarding our online life and beyond.

While the candidates have normally garnered the majority of election-related news, digital media and alternative publications gave us deeper insight into campaigns. Pollsters, operatives, friendly journalists, and more were now front and center like never before.

Very few, if any, are on the level of Roger Stone. His worldview and strategic mind were forged in the Nixon era, where he served as one of the youngest members on Nixon’s notorious Committee to Reelect the President, or (CREEP).

From Reagan to Trump, he has served as a presidential advisor on numerous occasions. After Nixon’s resignation, an enterprising young Stone would become his man in Washington, transmitting communications for the former president.

Stone has been a fixture in national politics ever since, noted for his special brand of skullduggery. He is the man you call when you want to win decisively and aggressively, no holds barred. His efforts for the Reagan campaign would lead him to meet another decisive leader who favored aggressive and bold tactics, real estate mogul Donald Trump.

Roger had always performed his duties as a campaign operative with strident patriotism. Not only was his candidate the best on the issues, but they were also deeply committed patriots who would fight for American ideals at all costs and to no ends.

To get help from the Dapper Don of Dark Deeds, you had to be willing to win at all costs.

Donald Trump should and could be President, Stone thought over the years, as he grew closer to Trump. The duo would go into business together and it was in 1988 that Roger first tried to convince his friend to run for President.

This dance would go on over the next three decades between Stone and Trump, who was always game to tease the idea, but ultimately felt that he would prefer to focus on building his empire.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. It was only after Barack Obama was elected that we almost saw a presidential campaign from Donald Trump, something that Stone had been pining for. He zeroed in on the issue of Obama’s birth certificate, backed up by his old pal who hit the talk-show circuit fanning the flames.

Trump would come close, but again demurred.

For most, myself included, this was my last straw when it came to Donald Trump’s presidential ambitions. This was not because I did not believe in his ability to improve this country, but rather because I was sick of the almost.

The men of always… always seemed to win. Career politicians would bore us to death or earn our scorn for their corruption and perversions. Every time Trump almost ran, you could see light at the end of the tunnel… and then it went dark.

After another four years under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sent our country in a nosedive. America was looking for a massive recalibration and only one person could deliver the “big league” win we needed.

Was it finally Trump’s moment? Thank the old gods and the new, it was! And it represented another moment for Stone to have a pivotal role in shaping the free world. While still prideful in electing President Reagan, Stone wanted to atone for his role in helping George Bush become President.

The erosion of civil liberties, endless wars, bedroom policing, and personal profiteering sickened him.

After getting the Trump campaign off the ground, Stone left the campaign over differences with other advisors like Corey Lewandoski, who many Trump contemporaries say almost torpedoed the Manhattan billionaires chances due to poor strategic moves and a generally bad attitude with staffers and campaign counterparts.

Most advisors who split from presidential campaigns morph into talking heads, making predictions until the victor emerges, and if they are lucky a post-election book deal. Stone refused this path in part, charting his own course, abiding by his Stone’s Rules.

Stone’s Rule: “It is better to be infamous, than to never be famous at all.”

And that is what separates Stone from most. His mission for Trump was not just about politics or patriotism, it was deeply personal. As he had done many times before in his life, Stone reinvented himself. He wanted not only to be legendary, but also wanted to accomplish legendary things for Donald Trump and America.

He shocked anchors when he aggressively double-downed on his allegiance for Trump immediately following his departure. Stone said he left, Trump said he was fired.

The New York Times best-selling author also had a hot new book out, The Clintons’ War On Women, which detailed Bill Clinton’s history of brutally raping women and his wife’s involvement in the forceful cover-up.

Ever the self-promoter, he killed two birds with one Stone. A record-smashing book that would remind America of a past that the Clintons had worked feverishly to erase, his bestseller and Trump’s kill shot.

As the convention approached in July of 2016, Stone had faced continuous bans from networks for his colorful commentary on digital media platforms like Twitter. Journalists, actors, and operatives who opposed Trump would be spared no mercy from the Nixonite… with few escaping Stone’s cleverly brutal jabs.

His role at Alex Jones’ Infowars platform expanded, and he would do dozens of interviews in support of Trump each day. He could give journalists the quote that people would remember and had a cache of primo sources from his decades in Washington.

It did not matter if it was a local podcast or alternative media giant like Breitbart, Stone helped build key figures in a new wave of conservative/libertarian thought and media. All in an effort to elect Donald Trump, save Americans from themselves, and to build the legend.

People around the world and in America were becoming awakened to the lies of the mainstream media, and Roger couldn’t be happier to help.

Trump would eventually defeat the big steal from establishment Republicans, being crowned the nominee. He selected Mike Pence as his running mate and demolished Hillary Clinton. The mainstream media and political establishment continued their assault, with the deep state leaking and lying at every opportunity.

Lucian Wintrich, who gained fame for his “Twinks for Trump” photo-shoot in 2016, now serves as the Washington correspondent for the right-leaning publication The Gateway Pundit. He gives credit to Stone for getting Americans interested in examining news more closely and making their own decisions about current events.

“It’s undeniable that Stone was a mammoth force for media during 2016, without him the current landscape wouldn’t look the way it does. He helped showcase the immense bias of the MSM and expose it as a liberal propaganda arm.”

Wintrich, a gay conservative, continued.

“He was one of the key players to help get people actually examining what stories and news they were consuming, and to weigh it against the facts. Despite him exposing Clinton during the elections, only after she lost did the media reports acknowledge what a corrupt, satanic, family that is.”

And Wintrich speaks the truth, it was Stone’s book that Trump tweeted and referenced in debates when moderators harangued him over the Access Hollywood tape.

It was Roger Stone who hatched the plan to feature Bill Clinton’s rape victims at the second presidential debate, a move that demonstrated the psychological warfare of which Stone was capable.

When candidate Trump was at his most weak and vulnerable, Roger Stone came through in the clutch. He did not relent, he did not acquiesce. His fight started at 19 with Richard Nixon and still goes on today, despite elevating his friend to the Oval Office.

Facing a modern day inquisition from the mainstream media and McCarthyism reborn from congressional Democrats, it is now a war on all fronts.

Shortly before the inauguration, he survived an assassination attempt after being poisoned with polonium. Months later, he would also survive a mysterious auto collision, where he said the driver purposefully smashed into his vehicle.

Recently emerging victorious from a lawsuit that claimed he was involved in a questionable political mailer, he still faces a lawsuit from an Obama linked group that is set to cost him over $1million. He appeared before Congress to give a close door testimony where he answered all questions asked of him, but the deep state refuses to let up.

Constant death threats and being spat upon in public have also become the norm for Stone and his family. They don’t understand that even he goes “off-duty” to maintain a strong marriage and healthy family life.

That has left many asking how Stone is able to remain extremely healthy. How does he have the stamina for a never-ending book tour, speaking appearances, media interviews, and personal time with friends and family?

“I am constantly on the move and always prefer to walk or use the stairs,” Stone confided while also explaining the best remedy for those with knee or joint issues that favor using the escalator or elevator.

“Ho shou wu is an Asian tonic remedy that solves so many problems. From overall longevity to lower stress levels, it works miracles. My wife Nydia and I have always favored natural remedies and homeopathic solutions.”

When he started working with Alex Jones and the Infowars team, Stone examined the products with a discerning eye.

“The Infowars supplements have been attacked by the mainstream media and Alex’s opponents as a scam. This is a flat-out lie. They use the best available ingredients, combined with cutting-edge technology to develop their Infowars Life brand.”

According to Stone, his wife’s smile has never been brighter thanks to SuperBlue toothpaste, a bestseller for Infowars that ditches toxic chemicals and dyes in favor of natural ingredients like peppermint. He boasts about the benefits of Brain Force, Super Male Vitality, Survival Shield, and Cell Force… all products developed by Infowars Life.

“Not only do you get a great product, you also fund the fight for truth. That is why Infowars has become so successful, it is fan-driven. Alternative media outlets must be creative to keep the lights on and expand. By creating their own income stream at Infowars through their online store, Alex has been able to remain independent and unshackled by investors. He can simply seek the truth. ”

What about dietary habits? The most important rule for anyone is ignoring temptation says Stone.

“Instead of pigging out on pasta or pizza, focus on getting your protein from fruits and veggies. This is very helpful in maintaining an attractive physique and also helps you keep a sharp mind. Carbohydrate heavy food is the worst thing for your brain. It does not help with creativity, recall, or clarity.”

Known for his sartorial exploits, many look to Stone for fashion and style tips. He publishes these insights on his personal blog, Stone on Style and as part of his responsibilities at The Daily Caller as their men’s fashion correspondent.

Each year on New Years Eve and after the ball drops, he publishes his annual Best and Worst Dressed list, which is carried by The Daily Caller, New York Post, Breitbart and dozens of other publications around the world.

“Cheap things are not good and good things are not cheap. It is a common misconception that to look good, you must spend a fortune. This is untrue. It takes a certain amount of patience and hunting.”

Every man should own at least two suits, one dark blue and one grey, stripes if you prefer. The list continues; a blue blazer, two pairs of Bill’s khakis, a gray flannel shirt, slim cut jeans of at least two colors, black jeans, black turtleneck, and several colors of Oxford cloth button down shirts.

“Understated regimental ties and one bow-tie when it comes to neckwear. All of this can be done within most budgets, it’s just the difference between sourcing your wardrobe from the thrift store or Savile Row,” Stone concludes.

Dropping back into the here and now, the star of the Netflix hit documentary “Get Me Roger Stone”, says that 2018 will bring a lot for both him and Trump. Get Me Roger Stone is currently in competition for an Oscar for Best Documentary according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“It is clear where we are. They are moving in on Trump and desperately want to remove him, no matter if it is legal or illegal. I’m talking about the anti-American deep state, establishment news media, and their stooges in Congress. Mueller’s investigation is a partisan hit squad.”

The provocateur says that he will be moving forward with his planned lawsuit against Twitter for arbitrarily purging him in late 2017. He will also be releasing another book, this time full of maxims he lives his life by… Stone’s Rules.

“Donald Trump should order Jeff Sessions to immediately appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the Uranium One scandal, which Mueller was deeply involved. Let’s see how he fares under the microscope with Hillary Clinton.”

For now, Stone and Trump remain close friends and communicate “somewhat frequently.” The mainstream media spare no expense in trying to destroy them both, with a never-ending cast of former spooks and globalist intelligence officials ready to malign their reputations at every turn.

Mason Musso, the singer, and songwriter of the chart-topping band Metro Station said he admires Stone’s fight against the deep state. Musso regularly retweeted the informal Trump advisor before Stone earned a lifetime ban from Twitter after attacking CNN news hosts in late 2017.

“They said he was never going to run. They assured you he was never going to get the Republican nomination. They were absolutely certain he would never win.

What they didn’t tell you was that Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States. So I ask you this, do you trust the mainstream media?”

And that is the perfect way to view everything we are being told about Roger and Donald. How many times has the mainstream media lied to us, been busted, and yet we still allow the cycle to continue.

Stone’s Rules… “Hit it from every angle. Open multiple fronts on your enemy. He must be confused, and feel besieged on every side.”

To understand what is going on around you, one must investigate on their own terms and reach independent conclusions. From there, decisions must be decisive and bold for you to get the most out of your time in this realm.

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