Knights For Socialism Look To Squash Free Speech, Except Their Own

Knights For Socialism openly promotes left-wing terrorism, and has done so since its inception.

By Sean David Hartman

In a February 10th news article for the Orlando Sentinel, reporter Michael Williams interviewed Richard Walker, a UCF student who is a member of Knights For Socialism. Walker stated a clear position in opposition to hate speech on campus.

Walker was responding to a new legislation being proposed by the Florida Legislature which would ban “free speech zones” at Florida public universities, essentially requiring the whole school being a free speech one.

This is a controversial topic amongst students, particularly at UCF, who tend to be bombarded by a Radical Christian bigot who continues to harass UCF students with blasphemous rhetoric and overt hate speech.

But if the Knights For Socialism are truly concerned about hate speech, then they need to disband their organization in its entirety.

In fact, it is completely appalling that a “legitimate” news source like the Orlando Sentinel did not vet the radical student organization further. If they did, they would have learned that Knights For Socialism not only has a history of hate speech, but of violent rhetoric promoting left-wing terrorism.

This should be even more concerning now, after a terrorist nut shot up a school in Parkland, Florida. UCF students should be concerned by the rhetoric from Knights For Socialism, as it is very plausible that some deranged student like the Parkland terrorist may seek out to shoot up students here for their political beliefs.

In fact, a few months ago UCF Police were required to secure the weekly College Republicans meeting after a credible threat was made against conservative students. This is a very real concern that many students have.

I say that very clearly, that Knights For Socialism openly promotes left-wing terrorism, and has done so since its inception.

The radical communist organization first made national headlines when they hosted a BASH THE FASH event, seeking to teach its members essentially to engage in left-wing terrorism by assaulting those they feel are “fascist”, which to them, is anyone who leans even remotely to the Right. If you are a member of Turning Point USA, Young Americans For Liberty, or the College Republicans, congratulations, you’re a fascist, and the Knights For Socialism feel it okay to assault you freely.

Knights For Socialism also has tweeted out calls to murder capitalists, with pictures of controversial diplomats and politicians as targets. Students have been known to harass conservatives on campus simply because of their political beliefs. Essentially, engaging in hate speech.

One of the more prominent promoters of left-wing terrorism, Dylan Tyer, had been confronted by UCF Police after harassing two conservative students, and was at a time put on trespass. However, he has since been allowed back on campus despite numerous complaints against him.

This is not the only time the University of Central Florida has proven it has no concern for the safety of its right-leaning students. In fact, the Office of Student Involvement has been aware for a while that Knights For Socialism is a radical organization and has on numerous occasions violated the UCF’s Code of Conduct and “Golden Rule” policy.

What is even more ironic is that the First Amendment protects against vile “hate speech”, but does not protect against threats, which are considered far worse. Knights For Socialism has been engaging in terrorist threats constantly, so they are less protected under the law and the Constitution then the Radical Christian bigot who continues to harass students with his hate-fueled blasphemy.

I am personally in the minority that feels that we should absolutely have a socialist RSO on campus. We need a wide variety of political philosophies represented. However, the Knights For Socialism bastardize their cause by promoting terrorism and harassment.

Would it not be better instead to have an organization like the Democratic Socialists of America to represent socialist students at UCF? The DSA promotes socialist policies in a civil manner, not using aggression or radical terrorist threats, but by promoting policies that they feel will better every American.

But until then, if Knights For Socialism wants to end hate speech, then that is the pot calling the kettle black.


Sean David Hartman is a freelance reporter for the Central Florida Post, with a wide portfolio ranging from entertainment to politics. He is a centrist political operative and blogger and a student at UCF. Hartman is autistic and bipolar, and supports the neurodiversity movement.