Millie Moo’s: A Mom-Approved Cafe & Indoor Playground

The newly opened coffee shop and indoor activity facility is a perfect balance for parents and kids to unwind!

By Bridgette Bayley

“Cleaning and taking care of the kids kept me pretty busy, I felt so trapped and alone at home. After having Tyler (our 3rd son), I found myself suffering with PPD. Having a child with special needs takes a huge toll on any parent, but I learned that socialization was the only thing that helped me. So, when I had our fourth child, I was determined to spend time with friends,” owner, Kelly Wells.

Inspired by her need for socialization, Wells ‘birthed’ a place where mothers can enjoy a hot cup of coffee, never having to reheat it in the microwave. This place is called Millie Moo’s. Kelly Wells understood what it felt like to feel “trapped” in your own home, needing to be connected to other mothers, and the importance of being able to finish a cup of joe.

“I want to give families a place to come where they can bring the kids to play, while they can talk to each other. Somewhere stay-at-home moms can socialize WITH their kids. Learn something new, make things with their kids, without worrying about the supplies, mess, and clean up! Somewhere to go when they need a break from doing ALL the things for everyone else!” shared Wells.

Millie Moo’s founders Danny and Kelly with their four children.

What is Millie Moo’s exactly? A 4000 square foot play place; complete with foam floor that is “paved” like an imaginary road. The atmosphere is conducive for all kinds of imaginative play.

They have toys of every variety for all ages. Divided into two sections, one for children two years old and younger; the other is designed for those over two, up to seven years old.

Part of the 4,000sqft indoor activity area at Millie Moo’s.

The space features a car and tool area, with a Batman/Gotham City backdrop, several full kitchens and houses, a slide into a ball pit, miniature “workout” area, pirate ship, bounce house, a puppet theatre and much, much more.

“Since she (Millie) is our only girl, our “Surprise” princess, it makes sense it would be named after her!” exlaimed Wells.

The cafe area inside Millie Moo’s.Millie Moo’s is not just for the children. There is a café area with organic and healthy dining options. Upbeat music plays in the background, not too loudly, and my personal favorite touch was that they sell Advil! Wells sure thought of everything.

Though Millie Moo’s is for kids, Wells made it as a haven for women who may be struggling with post-partum depression, or who may have children with special medical needs. Workshops and classes will be offered for those who need support in breastfeeding or other areas of motherhood.

“We spent months making it “right.” We had people waiting for us to open, then a line formed… it was pretty awesome to see. Watching the kids run and play, their faces beaming. Speaking with the parents and hearing them say such nice things about the space was the best feeling!”

The Grand Opening was on January 5th and they are now in full operation. You can book private events or swing by for free play.

Classes and workshops will be coming soon! Millie Moo’s is located at 4085 LB McLeod Road in Orlando, Florida!

Bridgette Bayley is an Avalon Park resident, UCF computer science student, mother of one.