Get Political This Christmas: Watch These Documentaries

These movies are great choices for over the Christmas break, or to prepare for that political discussion at dinner.

These three politically charged films have something that everyone can enjoy.

By Jacob Engels & Patrick Jude

Whether you like it or not, conversations always end up getting political during holiday gatherings with family/friends/co-workers.

In preparation for that inevitable conversation, here are a couple of documentaries that will give you plenty to talk about. Each is a shining example of great filmmaking as well, so you can hit that angle when someone yaks at you about “politics.”

A Good American: A Good American, wonderfully directed by Friedrich Moser and produced by Oliver Stone, chronologically details Bill Binney, a master cryptanalyst and NSA tech director, who developed the ThinThread program, which was initially used by the NSA for mass surveillance.

It addresses the very real concern of false flags, in a way that blogging conspiracy theorists, though sometimes correct, fail to do so in a palatable way.

The film is undoubtedly entertaining, complete with reenactment footage, and stunning agrarian cinematography to accompany exclusive interviews with former NSA members. This film is especially accessible due to its non-partisan approach; in fact, true grit politics are completely absent.

11/8/16: This is a film that chronicles election day through the eyes of political operatives, activists, journalists, and everyday people. What I like most about this film, is the way it makes you think back to election day and wonder if you checked the right box.

Whether you voted for Clinton, Trump, Stein, Johnson, someone else or no-one else… you will find something to relate to in this film. Most importantly, it reminds everyone how sweet it is to win, and how much it blows to lose.

Get Me Roger Stone: The film boasts a 93% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which is more than enough to dispel any partisan myths designed to discredit, or diminish, the piece as a film. In fact, Get Me Roger Stone gives everyone a swing of the bat via interviews.

Stone’s ever-expanding Rolodex of work includes nearly every Republican presidential candidate dating back to Nixon, and now, in his own flagrant honesty, the stories have been documented. In 2016, he returned and helped his longtime friend and confidante Donald Trump become President.

Whether it makes your liberal skin crawl, or puts some wind under your right wing, the new Netflix exclusive Get Me Roger Stone is truly a fascinating film. “Always praise ‘em before you hit ‘em”, Stone’s Rule.

*Reviews sourced from articles from Patrick Jude and Jacob Engels of the Central Florida Post.