WANNABE: Charles Johnson Wishes He Was Roger Stone

Charles Johnson (Left) & Roger Stone (Right)

The Got News and WeSearchr founder is claiming credit for Trump’s game-changing decision to showcase Bill Clinton’s rape victims.

By Jacob Engels

In October of 2015, Trump confidante and longtime political operative Roger Stone released his best-selling book, The Clintons’ War On Women.

The book detailed the accounts of dozens of women who have accused former President Bill Clinton of sexual assault, and how Hillary Clinton then psychologically raped the victims and lead the cover-up campaign.

Just months after launching his bid for the Oval Office, then-candidate Trump gushed about his longtime advisor’s book, calling it a “really tough one.” Trump also referenced stones book in several interviews.

Trump embraced the tome and Stone would relentlessly push the narrative about the Clintons, introducing a whole generation to the very real nature of a repeat rapist and his wife’s role in savaging the victims into silence.

Fast-forward to October of 2016. Trump is going into the second presidential debate extremely weak after the release of the Access Hollywood tape. He needed an October surprise, and Charles Johnson wants you to believe he dreamt up the idea of bringing Bill’s victims to the second debate.

The pre-debate press conference with Bill’s victims, the prime placement during the debate, and ensuing conversation about Bill’s rape problem was all thanks to Charles Johnson. That is his fantasy, which is far from the truth.

Charles Johnson has a clear and documented history of making false claims. Only a handful of Johnson’s articles have hit the mainstream, with almost all of them being exposed as total fabrications.

He claimed in a report that a New York Times reporter posed for Playgirl in the 90’s, only to issue a retraction and apology for relying on source material that was proven to be satirical.

In the 2014 Missippii Republican primary for U.S. Senate, Johnson paid a black pastor to give him an on the record quote claiming longtime Republican Senator Thad Cohcran paid black pastors in order to secure votes from their parishioners.

This was also proven to be false and a leading example of “checkbook journalism.”

He has since been exposed for his false reporting on Charlottesville and is waging a legal battle to disprove a claim in the comments section of a Gawker article, that accused him of being notorious among his dorm for “pooping on the (I think I’m remembering the floor right) 7th floor of Stark (a dorm).”

**If you went to Claremont Mckenna College from 2005-2009 and remember a short, fat red-head shitting on the 7th floor of Stark, drop us a line.**

Unable to earn respect for accurately reporting the news, Johnson injected himself into the Trump 2016 campaign hoping to make his mark. Not surprisingly, Johnson would again be busted for his dishonesty.

E-mails reviewed by the Central Florida Post show it was Roger Stone who emailed Steve Bannon on August 19th off 2016 detailing the “BEST COUNTER PUNCH AGAINST CHARGES TRUMP IS A MISOGYNIST.”

Stone urged Bannon to showcase the rape and sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton at the debates and be featured in TV commercials.

The emails clearly demonstrate that Stone, not Johnson or Bannon, recommended and promoted the idea of putting Bill’s victims front and center during the second debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

This epic move by Trump to throw Hillary Clinton off her game and force the mainstream media to cover her role in her husband’s vicious sexual assaults was put at risk by none other than Charles Johnson.

As the Trump campaign continued to rely on Roger Stone’s direction and recommendations, Johnson began alerting reporters even before the Trump campaign had decided to put the women forward.

He was so desperate to become known as the man behind the curtain and put the entire operation at risk.

On October 4th, Richard Johnson of the NY Post began emailing Hope Hicks, who was working the comms department for Trump’s campaign.

Candice Jackson, an attorney for Kathy Shelton, confirmed in an email to Roger Stone that Johnson had begun handing out her phone number to reporters and telling them of the upcoming appearance of Bill’s victims at the debate.

Shelton was raped at the age of 12, and Hillary Clinton defended her rapist and later laughed about her client’s guilt and acquittal. Ms. Shelton had agreed to appear alongside Bill Clinton’s victims.

Despite Johnson’s stupidity, the idea hatched by Roger Stone to feature Bill’s victims succeeded.

In the end, Charles Johnson wishes he was Roger Stone. He wishes he wrote a book on Bill Clinton’s rape victims. He wishes he was not short and fat. He wishes the females he approaches would not recoil at the mere sight of him.

As for Stone, he believes that Johnson lives in a fantasy world.

“Chuck Johnson is a pathetic wannabe. He not only had nothing to do with getting Bill’s victims to the debate, but he endangered the entire operation by running his mouth about the few details he did know. Poor Chuckles he is devoid of social skills, credibility, talent or friends – living in his own little fantasy world.”

Stone went on to laud Bannon for the role he played.

“I give Steve Bannon full credit for executing the move to get Bill Clinton’s sexual assault victims who were bullied and intimidated by Hillary to the second debate. The historical record shows the idea was mine and was advanced publicly and privately long before Steve joined the campaign.”


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, and Fox News to name a few. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.