Crooked Donna: Hillary Clinton’s 2020 Trojan Horse

As a Sanders supporter, most would believe that I would have been jumping for joy after Donna Brazile’s book detailed some of the corruption that the Clinton Campaign and the DNC were involved in – I wasn’t jumping.

By Patrick Jude

Last week Donna Brazile released what is best described as a “tell some” memoir of the chicanery the DNC engaged in last year. This week, she is basking in the limelight and pontificating herself as some seraphic moral figure in the Democratic Party. To be frank, she is pulling the wool so far over my fellow Sanders supporter’s eyes that their feet can feel the heat. I unfortunately realized, after speaking with my peers, that her plan is working.

Is there anybody who wasn’t already aware that the crooked elite of the Democratic Party screwed Sanders? No, we all watched it happen. Brazile announcing this fact, a year and a half after it took place, would be comparable to a situation in which Casey Anthony announces she did in fact murder her child – tell us something we don’t know. The only difference, however, is that Anthony would still face immediate backlash, while Brazile has everything to gain.

Obviously, just like Trump, Sanders supporters had the vote of the youth within its respective party. I love that. What they lack in political experience, they make up for with passion and an insufferable desire for their country to thrive. The downside, of course, is that these young voters by and large are less familiar with the countless names in politics, a fact that Brazile is manipulating in her attempt to appeal to the youth in her first far reaching introduction to them.

Brazile is an establishment Democrat, period. I can still distinctly remember an interview during the 2016 primaries where Brazile shamelessly, and more so boastfully, reveled in the fact that she receives TWO votes in the primaries. She gets her civilian vote, but she also gets her superdelegate vote; what a way to relate to the common folk, right? It’s clear to everyone outside of the party, as well as to most, that superdelegate votes only serve to override the will of the people, and Brazile has been a staunch supporter over the decades of keeping up this undemocratic procedure, which the ordinary majority wish to abolish.

I also seem to remember Brazile getting caught leaking debate questions prematurely to her then, and still, buddies in the Clinton camp. For someone whose conscience is purportedly haunting her into a shiny suit of political purity, she sure didn’t mind when the treachery is actually going on!

I just have one question for Ms. Brazile – do you really think we’re this fucking dumb? As much as I loathe our corporate welfare enabling, swamp-filling president, at least the Republican Party proved that their process isn’t so tainted that an outsider can’t win.

This sudden admittance of wrongdoing by Brazile, of course with her own role redacted and diminished, is clearly a ploy by the long dominating elites of the Democratic Party. Ms. Brazile, we don’t give a damn if you “thought” about replacing Hillary with another candidate – you didn’t. It doesn’t matter.

We don’t care if the spineless Elizabeth Warren is finally saying “yes” when asked if the process was rigged, because she kept her tail between her legs in 2016 and, despite ideological congruencies with Sanders, she NEVER gave Bernie her endorsement; likely in the hopes of being given a cabinet position should the favored horse, Hillary, have won.

This well crafted chaos, delivered by Ms. Brazile’s book, is undoubtedly a Trojan horse opportunistically looking to draw on the passion of what they believe is a very naïve voter base, one which they desperately need to gain back. While it’s nice that Ms. Brazile finally told us what we all already knew, it would be quicker and more transparent if she instead just hocked a big wad of saliva and spat right in our faces.


Born and raised in Orlando, and Socialist to the core, Patrick Jude graduated from The University Of Central Florida in 2015. He currently holds a B.A. in English Literature, as well as an A.A. in Jazz Performance from Valencia College. Jude is heavily tattooed, abstains from alcohol and is an avid Packers fan.

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