DOIN’ THE DAB: Hash Oil 101

Is dabbing better than sparking a joint or hitting the bong?

***Central Florida Post is not recommending that our readers engage in illegal activity. This is simply a commentary on dabbing.

By Timothy H. Crenshaw

Remember when Paul Ryan and Hillary Clinton pretended to smoke weed on national television? Probably not, but don’t feel too left out. Even they themselves seemed blissfully unaware of the fact that the 2016 dance craze, The Dab, imitates the uncontrollable cough which follows after partaking in dabs – a highly concentrated form of marijuana.

Hash oil, as it’s properly called, has been subjected to the same propaganda and fear tactics which marijuana has faced since becoming illegal less than 100 years ago. In reality, hash oil is nothing more than compressed weed, similar to the way that while beer and liquor are different in application and potency, at the end of the day it’s alcohol nonetheless.

Most studies unanimously agree that the golden sticky wax is actually a safer, and more efficient, manner of taking in THC for medicinal patients and recreational users alike. Rather than chiefing an entire joint, users only need to take one or two puffs in order to receive the effects of the marijuana. In addition to the economical procedure, hash oil is also strictly vaporized. By eliminating the use of a direct flame, vaporizing eliminates the aspect of plant combustion that occurs while smoking the bud form of marijuana – plant combustion is suspected of being linked to cancer.

Perhaps the only drawbacks to hash oil are the difficulties present while making it. The hash oil is extracted through two methods; machinery exerting massive amounts of pressure on budded marijuana, or a series of extractions with chemicals. The latter is largely the reason why hash oil had not gained popularity until states began legalizing marijuana, thereby increasing access to the rather large machines.

Hash oil is already becoming the new scapegoat for tobacco lobbying dollars, irrational drug prevention courses and general hysteria. The measures against it, however, are the same old stories that we’ve already read with marijuana.

The refusal of sensible regulation increases the risk of dirty stuff making its way onto the market, and also into the hands of kids. I certainly remember how much easier pot was to get than alcohol in high school. It’s almost like the drug dealer at the corner house had less reservations than someone who is actually registered and at their place of employment…funny how that works.


***Central Florida Post is not recommending that our readers engage in illegal activity. This is simply a commentary on dabbing.

Born on the 20th of April, and of Dutch dissent, Timothy H. Crenshaw is the talk of the town. After making the move from Montego Bay, California, he has settled in a quaint abode just outside of Orange County. In his free time he enjoys hanging with his buds, and watching the Miami Dolphins while rocking an old school Ricky Williams jersey.