Proud Boys Unfairly Tied To Actual Racists Through “Racist Fashion”

Gavin McInnes and his group, the Proud Boys, are once again falsely accused of being KKK'esque racists.

Jack Smith IV, the snaggletooth, poorly dressed senior editor of Mic, is once again weirdly fixated on falsely claiming the Proud Boys are in league with racists like Richard Spencer.

By Jacob Engels

This morning, George Takei shared a video on his Facebook page produced by MIC, asking the public… where are the hoods among “racists” in modern America?

Almost immediately, you are reminded of what your pre-k teacher taught you so many years ago, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Apparently editor Jack Smith IV and the people at MIC have forgotten this, but it is more likely that they are ignoring logic once again to stoke rabid hatred against people for dressing a certain way, or sharing certain memes.

He has done this before in other forms and will do it again, so let’s deconstruct his lunacy in real time.

Smith, who himself seems to know nothing about fashion or style, dials in on the identitarian movement for their white polos and “fashy” haircuts.

Do I agree with the core components of the Idenitarian politics or its leaders like Richard Spencer… hell no!

However, Smith’s video claims that anyone with a fashy haircut, who wears a white polo and khaki pants, are descendants of the KKK. He repeats this shtick when attacking CIA operative Richard Spencer’s “dapper” appearance, whom he decries as desperately overdressed.

This is the guy giving other people fashion critiques. Did he make that jacket and scarf from the couch his mom got banged on during a 70’s “key party’?

First off, it’s hilarious to see Smith rag on anyone, even an uninteresting racist turd like Richard Spencer. Anybody who can find evidence of Mr. Smith being remotely well-dressed ever in his life, your next bar-tab and trip the the gentleman’s club is on me.

Three-piece suits, vests, cuff links… OH MY! Again, we’re told that anyone who evokes these elements in their ensemble is a white nationalist. Even Richard Spencer has the right to embrace the idea of “look good, feel good,” but that does not mean he owns the market on dandyism or dressing in a dapper fashion.

This balding, creepy, slovenly dressed Smith is probably so desperate to get laid that he would be willing to answer the booty call from Hillary Clinton at 3AM.

Hell, maybe he came up with the concept for this “racist fashion” video while engaged in some good ole pillow talk with desperate feminazis like Lena Dunham. If he is into dudes, I’d imagine he is the type who has sex in the swamp behind the old-folks home.

Mic claims McInnes and the Proud Boys are racists for wearing Fred Perry’s, with no facts or actual information to back it up. It’s utter bullshit.

Back to the video. For even the rabidly alt-left viewers that Mic caters to, Smith’s attack on VICE Co-Founder and Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes is the weakest and most comical.

You have all seen the black and yellow Fred Perry polos, and like me, have either worn or known people who have worn Fred Perry since your days at school. A lot of FP attire is more simplistic than preppier counter parts like Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren, an appeal that McInnes has acknowledged.

The big problem with Smith’s attack on the Proud Boys is that they are definitely not a racist organization, and should not warrant any comparison to the KKK in any form or fashion. Any thinking person understands that, but like my old boss Congresswoman Sandy Adams always said… “there is nothing common about sense.”

I’ve attended Proud Boys meetups and gotten to know members all across the Southeast. It is one of the most diverse, eclectic, and accepting political movements I’ve ever witnessed. White, black, gay, straight, jewish, christian, pagan… it’s all there.

The Florida Chapter even helped me protest the cousin-fucking creeps of the Westboro Baptist Church when they visited Central Florida last week, watch that below.

Proud Boys in Florida stood against actual racism and homophobia last week.

Unlike actual racists like Richard Spencer, the Proud Boys are simply a pro-western men’s club. Founder Gavin McInnes sums it up the groups id perfectly in his twitter bio.

“Libertarian family man for closed borders & free market. Pro: West, gun, life, gay, Israel, Trump, cop, 1stA. Anti: Nazi, Alt-Right, feminist, Islam.”

I’m probably giving Mic and Smith more attention than they deserve, but this continued framing of anyone who supported Trump as descendants of the KKK is downright wrong.

By debunking the hypocrisy in arguments like this, and shaming these tactics publicly, we can send a clear message that we aren’t going to be scared by Goebbels style propaganda.

Furthermore, people pushing this type of babble should be sued for libel and slander. How many more people wearing Fred Perry or other supposedly “racist” outfits will be assaulted or targeted at free-speech rallies as a result of this video?

Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes confirmed earlier today that he is considering pursuing legal action against both Mic and Smith, and he should. Our battle against the bullying and dishonest tactics of the alt-left/tech-left must be fought on all fronts.

“Proud Boys are working with their legal team to rectify the situation, but in many ways the damage has been done” says Gavin McInnes, “Sites like Vox and Mic are well aware of that. They create fake news and then quietly correct it later after everyone has moved on.”

As for Jack Smith IV and Mic? They are an online news source geared towards millennials that seems to have forgotten that our generation, and the one right behind us are the most conservative in decades.

Media operations like Infowars, CRTV, Stone Cold Truth, Breitbart and Gateway Pundit are dwarfing their numbers and will continue to do so. Mic will die very soon, or at the very least slip into embarrassing irrelevance.

Until then, be sure to give them hell at every turn.


Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, and Fox News to name a few. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.