Avalon Hosting Halloween Psychic Faire

Be sure to catch the Samhain celebration on October 29th, lead by Michelle Orwick, for the perfect wrap up to the Halloween weekend.

By Patrick Jude

In the heart of Orlando, just south of 50 on Mills, is the quaint house known as Avalon. The store, which labels itself as a metaphysical supplies shop, has been a staple in the area for a number of years and, with no signs of slowing down, they’re gearing up for a spooky celebration on October 29th.

Metaphysics, what does it mean? In short, metaphysics are any occurrences that have yet to be proven, or accepted, by Western scientists. Items such as healing crystals, or calming incenses, fall into the category of metaphysics. Along with this unique array of pleasantries, Avalon also offers wonderful art and cool clothing in their tranquil shop.

With October being the most mystical of months, it’s only natural that Orlando’s favorite esoteric shopkeepers should throw a shindig of their own. Avalon will be hosting a tribute to Samhain on October 29th. Samhain, for those who don’t know, is the traditional Celtic ceremony, which has since been developed into Halloween in our modern world.

Avalon will surely seek to dispel the misnomers some still hold in regards to the, misinterpreted, “Satanic” origins of Halloween – no party pooping, no Bible thumping. In truth, the annual celebration was, plainly, just that, a celebration. The tradition signaled the coming of the long nights and winter winds, while honoring those who have passed.

The folks at Avalon have always been cool members of the community. I’ll always be grateful for the way they offered their parking lot to visitors of The Space – the greatest music and arts venue this city ever shut down.

It’s a spot with good vibes, good products and great prices. Be sure to catch the Samhain celebration, lead by Michelle Orwick, for the perfect wrap up to the Halloween weekend. Stay spooOOooky!

Tickets available at AvalonBeyond.com


Born and raised in Orlando, and Socialist to the core, Patrick Jude graduated from The University Of Central Florida in 2015. He currently holds a B.A. in English Literature, as well as an A.A. in Jazz Performance from Valencia College. Jude is heavily tattooed, abstains from alcohol and is an avid Packers fan.