VIDEO: Las Vegas Shooting From Top Floor Of Mandalay Bay

As the American people learn more about the tragic shooting in Las Vegas, more questions arise about what really happened.

By Jacob Engels

The past 24 hours have been immensely depressing and shocking, from the Las Vegas shooting, to the news of a do not resuscitate order on an ailing Tom Petty.

While we know most of the story about what happened to Petty, thousands of unanswered questions remain about what actually transpired before, during, and after the shooting.

With the death toll climbing past 50 and hundreds injured, America is now turning their focus on the nitty gritty. The alleged shooter, 64-year old Stephen Paddock, was at onetime a Central Florida resident, with several family members still living in the state.

He was a wealthy former accountant with several homes, and a penchant for high stakes gambling according to his brother. Paddock was found dead in his 32nd floor hotel room in Mandalay Bay, after SWAT used a controlled explosive to enter.

Authorities are telling us that Paddock acted alone, and that at this point, no other people are believed to be involved in actually shooting the concertgoers of the Harvest Music Festival.

According to our sources, and other reports, we believe there is much more to the story, including what motivated Paddock (possible ties to Antifa, radical left-wing groups), or any potential accomplices.

Former undercover detective and private investigator James Copenhaver agrees that the public could be misinformed on on a lot.

“Having been in Vegas on many trips, we all know these casinos are the most protected buildings in the Untied States. They all have top-notch security, with top-notch surveillance cameras. My first question is, if in fact this retired accountant stayed for several days with 10 – 20 weapons in his room, were the housekeepers blind?”

Did this man really not set off any alarms if he placed a do not disturb card on his door for that many days to conceal his cache of weapons? Hopefully there are guests or hotel staff that have come forward or are going to come forward with more information.”

Copenhaver served on several joint task forces with federal agencies while in law enforcement, including operations with F.B.I. He gave ongoing commentary during the Pulse shooting last summer in Orlando, and graduated number two in his undercover class at Quantico.

Jeremy Adams, an Orlando based entrepreneur, was at a party on the 64th floor of the Mandalay Bay, moments before the first shots rang out.

“I was on the top floor, which is the highest. As it all started, I was heading downstairs to grab a cab. I ended up leaving before all hell broke loose, but immediately saw a strong and heavily armed police presence once it started.”

Adams later posted a video to his Facebook profile filmed by a friend still at the party, which starts sometime after the first round of gunfire down onto the crowd. See it below.

People are heard in disbelief, even thinking for a moment that it had ended, before more shots are heard.

The immediate and strong police presence suggests that law enforcement has been placed on high alert internally, or that authorities may have been in some stage on investigation on Paddock prior to the shooting.

A women even gave an interview to a reporter, claiming that another women was removed from the concert 45-minutes prior to the shooting, after shouting that “everyone was going to die tonight.”

The women was described a shorter Hispanic female, which sounds an awful lot like Paddocks roomate/girlfriend, who has since been reported to be abroad.

Could this be the beginning of violence and revolution promised by radical groups like Antifa, who have been promoting violence as the proper outlet for disillusioned people?

Could it be a otherwise normal American who was radicalized by ISIS, who has claimed responsibility for the attack?

Photos from today also show two windows being blown out on the 32nd floor, from what appears to be separate rooms… after we have been continually told it was a long shooter.

“He had no known training or time spent at the range, yet this 64-year old was able to shoot down on this crowd of 22,000 in a tactical manner? He had no military experience.”

Copenhaver also pointed to the odd nature of the audio of the SWAT team entering the hotel and breaching Paddock’s room.

“I’ve listened to in-progress calls many times, in many different scenarios. After they entered the room, all we hear is that the shooter is down. We don’t hear anyone asking about injuries to any law enforcement officers involved.”

This could mean that police might have had prior knowledge that Paddock was dead before entering the room, or that he killed himself right before the breach.

The lack of details in the audio transcripts from them entering Paddock’s hotel rooms make it impossible to know, until further updates from law enforcement, or until information is obtained through a new witness.

“I’m not sure how a 64-year old man with no prior training was capable of firing that many shots, from presumably two different platforms,” Copenhaver concluded.

Jacob Engels is an Orlando based journalist whose work has been featured and republished in news outlets around the globe including Politico, InfoWars, MSNBC, Orlando Sentinel, New York Times, Daily Mail UK, Associated Press, People Magazine, ABC, and Fox News to name a few. Mr. Engels focuses on stories that other news outlets neglect or willingly hide to curry favor among the political and business special interests in the state of Florida.