Pure Americana: The Micanopy and McIntosh Fall Festivals

Antique dealers in both the towns will be opening their doors to passers-by, offering some of the best finds in the Southeast during their annual fall festivals.

By Taylor Foland

Every year in the fall, McIntosh and Micanopy have their fall festivals complete with vendors, good food, and good spirits. Bands play all day in McIntosh, and art vendors from all around the state come to sell their merchandise.

Micanopy lines their historic Cholokka Boulevard with different booths and crafts of all kinds. Both locales are just minutes from one another in the Gainesville area of North Central Florida.

On October 21rst, come out to McIntosh to enjoy the atmosphere, eat some good food, and enjoy the day. The 1890s McIntosh Festival is a great spot to bring the family, and let stress melt away. The community gathers together for this special day every year. Churches have bake-sale tables, there is all- day entertainment, artisan workers, and antique dealers, and over 280 different art vendors.

The festival in McIntosh starts at 8 AM and concludes at 5 PM (rain or shine) on October the 21st. There is free parking on the sides of the street. If you get there early, you can usually find a good spot.

If you are unable to make it to the McIntosh 1890s Festival, you should mark your calendar for Micanopy’s Fall Festival on October 28th, and 29th, right before Halloween. Micanopy is historic, and is one of the oldest towns in Florida, nestled to the south of Gainesville and Paynes Prairie in Alachua County.

Micanopy was founded in 1821, making it one of the oldest towns in Florida besides St. Augustine. Micanopy was named after Chief Micanopy, who fought in the Seminole Wars. The town was an Indian trading post originally, later becoming home to Fort Micanopy.

Visitors to Micanopy can stop by the Micanopy Historical Society Museum to learn about the town’s intriguing past. The museum is all the way down on Cholokka Boulevard, to the right in a barn, you can’t miss it. The Micanopy Fall Festival begins at 9 AM and concludes at 5 PM, free parking and free admission.

Antique dealers in both the towns will be opening their doors to passers-by, offering some of the best finds in the Southeast.

For McIntosh Festival: 5835 Avenue G, McIntosh, Florida 30216

For Micanopy Festival: Follow the same directions for McIntosh, you will see a sign marking the way before you reach McIntosh.

McIntosh and Micanopy are truly towns lost in time, they are small town Americana in the purest form.

Bring your friends and family for a day of fun in Central Florida!


Taylor Foland is a Volunteer Coordinator for ACT For America, the nation’s largest grassroots national security group. ACT has over 750,000 members and 1,000 allied volunteers groups across America.