Central Florida Woman Joins CNN Trump Panel

LA Key, a top organizer for Donald Trumps campaign in Seminole County, was invited to NYC for a focus group panel with CNN.

By Jacob Engels

During a three part segment on CNN, a Seminole County woman challenged the mainstream media narrative on President Trump, Charlottesville, and the destruction of war memorial across the United States.

LA Key works as a financial consultant in Central Florida and served as the Seminole 4 Trump Chair in 2016.

When asked about the ongoing attack on Confederate war memorials, Key agreed with the majority of the panel, including several minorities, that history should not be torn down.

“We need to remind ourselves where we’ve come from.”

Ms. Key has since been coined “The Lady In The Hat” by viewers and one of the hosts, referring to the stylish black hat she donned during the panel.

Overall, Key was on the same wave length as the other guests, who remain strongly behind President Trump and his policies.

She even dropped a bombshell about the violence in Charlottesville, calling it a set-up.

“They were busing people in. Coming off the same bus, you saw Antifa and Neo-Nazis.”

You can see the greatest hits from the Central Florida native, and others on the panel below.


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