Mayweather Vs. McGregor: Breaking Down The Ultimate Fight

Taking place on August 26th, the fight will mark the first time an MMA superstar has left the octagon to put on the big red gloves.

By Patrick Jude

The McGregor Vs. Mayweather fight is the biggest anomaly in fighting sports history.

For about two years before it was actually being considered, fake stories would surface every couple of months claiming the fight was confirmed – comparable to the bi-annual fake stories on the deaths of Bob Barker, Adam Sandler, etc.

Taking place on August 26th, the fight will mark the first time an MMA superstar has left the octagon to put on the big red gloves. Clearly, being out of his element and in the field of another, McGregor is being labeled the underdog.

“Notorious” McGregor, his UFC nickname, shouldn’t be so easily discounted though. His longtime striking coach, Owen Roddy, has put him into a rigorous training regiment since agreeing to the sensationalized bout.

On top of the additional training, it’s not like McGregor hasn’t been one of the most effective strikers in MMA to date – a guy who also sports one of the toughest jaws in his field.

When it comes to fighting with Mr. “Money” Mayweather, it’s all about one’s stamina. Nobody can deny the champion’s ability to bob and weave, stick and move. Typically, Mayweather wears down his opponent and goes in for the kill once they stop to catch their breath.

This puts McGregor at a distinct disadvantage.

While an MMA fighter could ransack their opponent into a ground fight, and force a submission, in this fight McGregor will solely box.

The speedy McGregor goes for a much quicker kill than others, and it’s almost always done with fists. Eighteen of the nineteen fights he’s finished before the buzzer have ended prematurely by knockout; only one was through submission.

This is the most overlooked aspect of the fight, as many interpret McGregor to be the archetypal, through submission, MMA fighter. He’s not.

Now, being a first gen Irish immigrant, I recognize that I’m in a distinct minority on this side of the Atlantic. I’ll be pulling for the ol’ Tri Color to prevail in the ring over our American flag.

If Mayweather shuts up Conor’s trash talking, however, expect the streets to flood with glee and cheer.

Enjoy the fight. If you’re out watching, drive safe. Lastly, let’s all remember to let McGregor and Mayweather stick to the fighting that night 😉

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Born and raised in Orlando, and Socialist to the core, Patrick Jude graduated from The University Of Central Florida in 2015. He currently holds a B.A. in English Literature, as well as an A.A. in Jazz Performance from Valencia College. Jude is heavily tattooed, abstains from alcohol and is an avid Packers fan.