ICYMI: Bob Cortes Slams PSC Backed Rate Increases

Last week, second-term State Representative said Floridians should deserve better.

By Jacob Engels

Bob Cortes is one of the few state legislators people can count on in Central Florida.

Yes, he’s a red-ribbed conservative, but his focus on dinner table issues earns him respect across the political spectrum.

The tow-truck driver turned public servant has always spoken freely and boldly about how he thinks the state of Florida can best serve our residents.

Following a questionable decision from the statewide Public Service Commission to double rates for West Seminole residents, Cortes made it clear why this was exactly the opposite of what Floridians need right now.

“The actions of the PSC goes against everything I believe in and the spirit of this legislature. Our residents are not seeing triple the increase in their salaries, how can we sit by and allow our agencies to approve these burdensome increases. It is wrong and I will continue to work to stop these increases from occurring in the future in Florida”.

The Central Florida Post will keep you updated on when and how quickly people could see those increases take hold.