Tax Collector Allows Open Carry, Showcases Bold 2nd Amendment Stance

Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg earns support from NRA legend Marion Hammer with his new policy.

By Jake Phillip Loubriel (Liberty Jack)

As many of us Floridians are aware, the most recent pro-gun bills were all stopped in the State Legislature by the likes of Joe Negron & Anitere Flores.

Many of our laws are outright infringements on our God-Given right to keep and bear arms.

We have far too many corrupt politicians and officials more than eager to further erode that right, along with the numerous restrictions on how and when we can exercise bearing arms.

The good news, however, is that we have many true patriots fighting for us.

This time, we aren’t reviewing the disappointing results in Tallahassee, but rather Thursday’s announcement from the Tax Collector in Seminole County… Joel Greenberg.

Greenberg is one of the youngest constitutional officers in the Southeast and a rising star in the Florida GOP. He defeated a deeply corrupt incumbent who served for 28 years last summer.

That being said, today’s focus is on Joel Greenberg’s bold move to allow open carry among his employees and encouraging his deputy tax collectors to also exercise their rights while in the field.

Marion Hammer, the first-ever female President of the NRA, is applauding the move.

“I think it is important for Mr. Greenberg to provide safety and security for his employees and the taxpayers he serves.”

Hammer is a legend in 2nd Amendment circles and currently lobbies across Florida for NRA supported legislation. Since Greenberg’s personnel are classified under Florida law as “revenue officers,” the statewide Open Carry ban will not apply to them.

As a strong advocate of the Second Amendment, Tax Collector Greenberg hopes the move will protect his employees and guests from all potential dangers.

“We are putting together a manual and policy book. There will be several levels of safeguards in place and are ideally looking for current staff members with a concealed weapons permit and knowledge of firearms,” Greenberg told the Central Florida Post.

He is wise to take these steps and says it will save taxpayers up to $350,000 a year, by not hiring costly private security. This shows that he is not only a proactive supporter of the liberty movement, but also someone with good business sense.

He made all local law enforcement aware of his plans several weeks ago and has not yet faced any push-back. Paul Paulson, a veteran and successful businessman who is also running for Commissioner of Agriculture, praised Greenberg’s idea.

“As a veteran and strong advocate of the Second Amendment, Tax Collector Greenberg’s decision to allow Open Carry is something I support fiercely.

In this political climate, more good guys and gals exercising their right to bear arms is always a plus. It’s important that he is requiring ample training and certifications for those employees who chose to carry.”

Paulson, like Greenberg, has shown signs that he would be supportive of establishing Constitutional Carry laws in Florida.

While I am still researching his full background on 2A policy, we should give people like Greenberg breathing room.

It’s time to show the public the benefit of embracing your patriotism and our God-Given birthright as Americans.


Jake Philip Loubriel is a Classical Liberal and Sovereign Nationalist. Based in Fort Lauderdale, he founded the New Sons of Liberty as a response to domestic enemies of the Republic. Aside from politics and guns, his other interests include cars, travel, gaming, and extreme sports. You can reach him at