President Trump Should Push Puerto Rican Statehood

I am urging the President to come to Central Florida and hear from Puerto Rican leaders supporting statehood.

By Peter Vivaldi

Dear President Trump,

Over this past weekend, I watched as you visited the Little Havana community in South Florida alongside Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The purpose of your visit was to place sanctions on the Cuban government, which for decades has committed multiple injustices to the Cuban people, under the Castro communist regime.

I listened to Senator Rubio mention that he had dinner with you, the First Lady, and his wife to discuss the future of the Cuban people.

I was glad to see that you understood the plight of the Cuban Americans and that you are willing to help improve the situation for the Cuban people.

The main reason for this open invite is to discuss the plight of 3.5 million American citizens that have been subject to an unjust Colony status for over a century. They have fought in our greatest wars and lost their loved ones, we are all Americans.

Personally, I would like to treat you to a cup of Puerto Rican coffee and discuss the issues facing the Puerto Rican people.

It is extremely difficult to believe that in 2017, a nation like ours is still willing to oppress American Citizens in Puerto Rico with the Colony status.

On June 11, 2017 over half a million Puerto Rican’s on the Island voted. 97% of the voters overwhelmingly voted to become the 51st State.

They want to experience the freedoms and liberty afforded to every other American. We want to break free from the corruption of the Puerto Rican Cartel, a group of radical socialist leaders who don’t want us to be equal.

I am hoping that over a cup of coffee, we can discuss how you can help not only the 3.5 million Americans on the Island, but also the over 5 million who live in our great nation. (1.2 million live in Florida)

I am one voice of a silent majority that believes Congress must act on behalf of Puerto Rican American patriots. After 100 years of ambiguity, we want to become full fledged stakeholders in the American Dream.

I ask you to consider my request as millions of Puerto Rican’s, on and off the Island, await your support as the President of the Colony of Puerto Rico USA. Your task to Make America Great Again is no different than our wish to become the 51st state.

We are ready and willing to help you in accomplishing your goals and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to restore the American Dream for all American Citizens.


Peter Vivaldi, Jr.


Peter Vivaldi is a business executive and faith leader based in Central Florida.