Life IS Beautiful For Vegas Music Fans

One Of 2017’s Best Lineups Belongs To LIB

By Croix Provence

Is it just me, or did the heavens just part? I swear, I heard a chorus of angels come down from the sky and shine a golden light upon Las Vegas as they announced the Life Is Beautiful lineup.

Not only is this lineup packed with heavy hitters from start to finish, but it is undeniably one of the most unique lineups of the year.

In a forest of repetitive lineups with the same headliners in a different order, Life Is Beautiful really stands out and can’t help but attract attention to it’s roster.

Do. Not. Miss. This. Festival. Drop out of college and throw your money at this if you have to (no, I will never be joking about this — I mean it 100%).

Click here and grab tickets ASAP! 3-Day GA tickets are already sold out, buy you can buy tickets on a day-by-day basis for $135 each day.

What are you waiting for!?


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