Trump Advisor Delivers Bill Maher A “420” Cake

Roger Stone, longtime confidante and friend of President Donald Trump, joined HBO”s “Real Time” on Friday night.

By Jacob Engels

In a wide-ranging interview with Bill Maher, top Trump confidante and New York Times bestselling author Roger Stone fought back against allegations of Russian collusion and called on President Trump to “let the states decide” on marijuana.

Stone is traveling the country promoting his new book, The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated A Revolution.

This is the second time Stone has appeared on Maher, but the first time he was given the primtetime opening slot. Lasting for nearly 15 minutes, it was one of the longest opening interviews Maher has given in recent memory.

After a combative interview, Stone returned to deliver a weed cake to Maher and the panelists. You can view that segment below.

Mr. Stone demanded again that congressional leaders like Adam Schiff and John McCain call him to testify.

I don’t need immunity or a subpoena. I don’t want to do this behind closed doors… I’m ready! Let’s go.”

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