Trump Advisor Will Hold Central Florida Book Signing


Roger Stone, a longtime advisor and friend of President Donald Trump will be promoting his new book, The Making of the President 2016.


By Jacob Engels


New York Times bestselling author and well known political operative Roger Stone, will host a private event in Seminole County on March 16th. Stone, who has advised Donald Trump for decades, is one of Trump’s fiercest allies. Local Trump groups helped to organize the visit from Mr. Stone, which also features a performance from rock legend Rick Derringer.


The Making of the President 2016 is the first book released from a Trump ally that documents everything from Donald Trump’s early interest in the presidency through his historic inauguration.


“I firmly believe that Donald was put on this planet to save our country,” said Stone.



Highlights of the book, Stone’s fifth since 2013, include:


*The struggle by the Republican establishment to stop Trump; and how Republicans underestimated him


*A comparison between Trump’s sprint across eight states in the closing days of the campaign to the Truman 1948 playbook when he barnstormed across the country by train and upset Thomas Dewey


*Intel on Julian Assange and WikiLeaks’ role in the DNC email leak; why the Russians were not involved and did not hack the information


*Why the mainstream narrative about Trump being in cahoots with Vladimir Putin to win the election is phony


*Details on Clinton associates such as Hillary Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta, Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner, “Carlos Danger,” Doug Band, and Jeffrey Epstein


*An examination of opposition research into Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton’s crimes


*The efforts to hide Hillary Clinton’s infirmities and health problems


The book signing and Q&A will feature introductions from several local elected officials and lead volunteers for President Trump’s successful 2016 campaign. Rick Derringer will also be performing a special Trump inspired take on his smash hit “Real American.”