State Agriculture Candidate Will Self-Fund “Up To $1Million”

Orange County GOP State Committeeman Paul Paulson is also bringing on board a world renowned digital consultant.

By Jacob Engels


Following State Senator Denise Grimsley’s announcement that she will indeed run for Commissioner of Agriculture, GOP insiders have been wondering what a primary with Orlando businessman Paul Paulson will look like. Grimsley is a career politician who described her intention to become Commissioner of Agriculture as the “next step” forward for her political aspirations.


Senator Grimsley took over the family business some time ago, and identifies herself as a Citrus Grower and Registered Nurse in her biography on the Florida Senate’s website.


The first candidate to announce, Paul Paulson, grew up on a farm run by his father. Paulson owns cattle and farmland in Florida, according to a report from Orlando Rising. Mr. Paulson would go on to serve in the U.S. Army in the Pershing Missile Brigade as a rifle platoon leader and acting inspector general. He also served as a Commander in a Florida Army reserve unit and is currently the JAG officer for a Winter Park, Florida American Legion post.


While Grimsley will have the political establishments backing and a majority of statewide agricultural special interests, sources are telling East Orlando Post that Paulson will tap his vast wealth to become competitive.


“Paul is willing to spend up to $1million dollars to self-finance his campaign. He does not need the patronage of wealthy donors, nor does he desire to engage in the quid-pro-quo nature of accepting special interest money.”


The Orlando businessman confirmed this by phone to the East Orlando Post and also told us that he is currently filing out his campaign team.


Hines Digitial will help Paulson with online fundraising efforts. The company is run by Ian Hines. Their past clients have included Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May, former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, and Washington State Gubernatorial Candidate Bill Bryant. Hines Digitial received 4 prestigious “Reed Awards” for their work in 2016.


The Reed Awards are bestowed upon those who demonstrate “excellence in political campaigning.”


Paulson’s new digitial team is also well known in political circles for helping candidates raises hundreds of thousands of dollars in small dollar contributions, allowing their clients to rely on grassroots support over special interest funding sources.


GOP consultant Mike Shirley will act as General Consultant for the campaign. Shirley helped lead political upstart Joel Greenberg defeat 28-year incumbent Seminole County Tax Collector in 2016 and saw his candidates defeat political insiders in several other regions across the United States.


“I’m excited to tour the state and return power to the people. Mrs. Grimsley seems like a nice person, but career politicians have had their shot. How many favors does she owe to wealthy donors and political schemers? We simply don’t know,” concluded Paulson.


Paulson has already loaned his campaign $120,000, while Senator Grimsley has raised nearly $50,000 in special interest donations, according to recent campaign finance reports.

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