Mike La Rosa: “We Need Swift Action To End Castro’s Horrific Legacy”

Florida State Representative Mike La Rosa (R-42), the proud son of a Cuban immigrant, today released the following statement in reaction to the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro:


“I am hopeful that with today’s good news of the death of Fidel Castro, freedom will soon come to the Cuban people.


As a representative of the people of Florida and of many Cuban immigrants and families here in Central Florida, and as the son a Cuban immigrant myself, I stand with all Americans and especially with my fellow Cuban Americans today as we thank God for the end of Fidel Castro.


For decades, Fidel was a brutal tyrant. Many Cubans were murdered, imprisoned and lost their property under his oppressive regime.


He was also a supporter of terrorism worldwide.


I am hopeful those days as now behind the Cuban people. This morning I am encouraged that liberty may once again be coming to the Cuban people so they can determine their own destiny including the rights of liberty, property, free speech and the exercise of religious freedom.


My family, having fled the horrible reign of Fidel Castro over 50 years ago, is eagerly waiting for the day they can freely return and reunite with family members and enjoy a free Cuba once again.


I know many other Cuban exiles are wishing and hoping for the same and today I recognize and join their emotional response to this historic event.


Together we will work tirelessly to bring about positive change for Cuba. To that end, I urge immediate and swift action by the United States government to place pressure on the remaining remnants of the Castro’s horrific legacy.


The Cuban people have suffered long enough. I long for the day of a free Cuba and am praying that it comes soon.”