5 Reasons to Rent When You’re Relocating

Close up of male hand packing cardboard box, concept moving house

Why renting is a safe option when you first move.


By Jennifer Norman


It’s safe to say that anyone moving to Orlando knows the name Mickey. But how well do you know the rest of what this great city has to offer?


If you are relocating to the area, here are a few reasons why renting may be a better option before buying a home when you first make the move.


1. Get to know the area before buying.


Purchasing a home is making a huge investment in that specific community. You should spend some real time getting to know the area you want to move to. Sure you’ve heard the great things that Orlando has to offer but nothing’s worse than thinking you want to be close to Mickey and Minnie only to find out that they shoot off fireworks. Every. Single. Night.


Some other questions you will want answered include:


• How will your commute to work really check out?


• How far is the baseball field your kids will be playing at?


• Where’s the closest grocery store?


• How safe is the area?


• Will I really feel comfortable here?


By renting an apartment in the neighborhood you think you want to move to, you can really get a feel of how compatible the community is to your lifestyle. You can even find some in the area that offer short-term leases if you don’t want to commit to a full year.


Another added bonus. You’ll have time to get to know the real estate market in the area as well.


Many people are shocked when they realize how much (or little) house they buy for the same amount of money as where they just came from.


A few areas in East Orlando you may want to check out.


Lake Nona & Narcoosee:


Upscale and trendy, these two areas are close in proximity with continual growth on the horizon. If you want newer developments, look here.




More than just a place for college students, you will find many professors and employees in the area as well. If you want a lively area but don’t want to live in student housing, try out some of the conventional apartment communities nearby.


Winter Park:


If charm and local eateries excite you, check out Winter Park located just Northeast of downtown Orlando.


2. Less stress before making the move.


If you are moving for work, chances are you have a much shorter timeline to pack your boxes and find a place to live. You will be working on wrapping up the details from your current job and getting ready to focus on your new position.


Adding the stress of rushing to find a new home is not ideal for setting yourself up for success. There are so many details involved with moving and relocating. Are you ready to add searching for a home, waiting for the offer to be accepted, setting up inspections, bank loans, etc., etc. to your list?


Don’t settle on any home just because you have a short timeline. Renting an apartment in the area makes for an easier transition.


3. Make sure you love your new digs.


Whether it’s a new city or perhaps a new job, make sure you really love both before making a very long-term purchase in a home. If six months down the road you find out that you hate your job or Florida heat, you don’t want the commitment of home ownership to bind you in a situation you’d quickly like to get out of.


4. Save some dough in the middle of an expensive relocation process.


Down payments, closing costs, Realtor fees, taxes and other miscellaneous expenses can all add up very quickly. Add that to an already expensive cost to move from one city to another and you may find yourself strapped for cash the first couple months. The last thing you want added to an already stressful situation (even if its good stress) is to be financially burdened as well.


5. Use this as an opportunity to purge.


This may say a little scary at first, but chances are if you are moving to a new apartment, especially from a home, you won’t have quite as much space. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of all the “stuff” you’ve been meaning to toss anyway. Host a garage sale and use the money you make to put towards moving costs. Orlando is a great but very diverse city to live in.


Before you make a commitment to a certain area, take renting for a spin and save yourself a headache both before your move and after.



Jenn Norman is the Digital Marketing Director for iLS network, a collection of online apartment guides providing technology that empowers renters to find an apartment which matches their lifestyle and budget.