Summer Camp Festival 2016 Lineup Is Campin’ Awesome!

By Croix Provence


Remember back in the day when you packed your duffle bag and headed off to sleepaway camp for two weeks of adventures, friend-making, and fun? The days were long, the nights were short and uneventful, thanks to your cabin counselor, but the whole experience was great regardless. Even as an adult, while filing paperwork during the summer months, you may have found your thoughts slipping back to those days where you got to swim in the lake, eat out in the fields, and trade friendship bracelets with new friends. Sometimes, it all feels like it was just a dream.


I’m here to tell you to wake the funk up: Summer Camp Music Festival is here, and it’s real.


Make friends, trade bracelets, eat food, play outside, and do all of those other great nostalgic things you did as a kid: only this time, there’s no counselor to tell you lights out at 9:00pm. If anything, your peers are your counselors, and if anything, they are encouraging you to go hard until the sun comes up! They want you to keep going even after that! Sleep under the stars, dance all night, and go absolutely ape in Chillicothe, IL this May 27-29 with thousands and thousands and thousands of new friends who want to get as weird as you do! Best of all, you only have to pack a three-to-five day overnight bag (even though we wish it was longer). The only thing as bad-ass as this experience is the lineup itself:




That’s only the second wave announcement, meaning there are more artists still to be added! For more information, and to buy ticketse at a super-awesome $199.50 a pop, check out — then, feel free to pack your bags, kiss mom and dad goodbye, and prepare for the best Summer Camp experience ever!




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