Canada’s Wayhome Lineup Made America Mad-Jealous

By Croix Provence


When you think of music festivals, you find your thoughts drifting to Coachella’s west coast royalty, to Bonnaroo’s east coast friendly festival, and all of the incredible festivals inbetween. As of recent, you think about how the lineups are looking a bit more and more like eachother, and how everyone is starting to dress alike because festivals are now “in fashion”. You think about how you love your experiences at some of your favorite festivals like Electric Forest and Forecastle and Gov Ball… But what else is going on around us? Better yet…


… What’s going on above us, eh?


BAD-ASSERY, that‘s what! Canada’s Wayhome Festival just released a stellar lineup that will have American’s gobbling up plane tickets, throwing their stuff in vans, and hauling their friends across the border for an amazing time in the land of syrup and politeness. Whayt’s even better? These three-day festival tickets start at only $209. Say what?! Sound too good to be true? Well, have a look at the website ( and the lineup for yourself:




Do NOT miss Wolf Parade. Do NOT miss A Tribe Called Red. Do NOT miss Matt And Kim. Do NOT. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. You’re thinking about it, aren’t you? Well, DO NOT THINK ABOUT IT ANYMORE. Get your ass a ticket and get to Canada! Once you see how beautiful it is (and depending on how our upcoming elections go), you may have just found yourself a rockin’ new home.




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